FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 27: Yikes!

This, the penultimate image in this year’s FebPhotoFest, has been inspired by this lovely photograph.

Oddly, Silverdrop reports that this many-wheeled version is in some ways less intense than the single wheel, although it is (of course) spread over a wider area.

Clickety-click for larger version.

That’s gonna hurt!

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FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 26 and SinfulSunday: How Did That Get There?

We saw this the day after a play session. It is one of Silverdrop’s lightweight collars.

I love this image. Very little editing.

Clickety-click for larger version.

We honestly don’t know.

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Sinful Sunday

FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 25: For Me.

It was late Friday evening that I realised I had no image ready for Saturday. Yikes! Rather than edit an old one, I have decided to post this technically awful, but very special one.

It is a Silverdrop selfie. It was taken in a departure lounge at Heathrow, in bad light, on an old iPhone. I can’t travel with her when she visits family in the US, so it is a happy/sad time for us both.

This is her special smile, the small one that is just for me, and I treasure it.

You may haz the enviez.  😉

Just for me.

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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

Eroticon Meet and Greet (my jacket)

May I also refer you, dear reader, to this post.


NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Steve, AKA @silverdomuk


What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

Meeting people – putting faces to names. Also, some hints and tips on writing, because I am beginning to feel the itch again.


This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

I can only make the Sunday, sadly. Silverdrop can’t male it at all, as she is recovering from surgery.

Whores of Yore is a must. I admire her work so much.

Blogging 102 looks very interesting

Rachael Kincaid’s session looks very interesting.

The branding session, as an onlooker, is an absolute must. (Don’t panic, Silverdrop)

I am also looking forward to hearing the various readers at the end of the day.

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Meeting My Jacket.

Hey, guess what?

Eroticon 2017


Sadly, only on Sunday. More sadly, Silverdrop can’t come, as she is recovering from surgery. She might be able to FaceTime in during a break to ‘meet’ some of you.

There is a rumour that one or two of you would like to meet my denim jacket, and its patches that tell some of my life story… thinking of Bee here, amongst others.  😉 My jacket is just dragging me along for the ride.

See you there!

FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 22: Dom Jeans

I like button-up jeans. So does Silverdrop. There is a rumour that Molly does too.

I briefly considered editing my scarred and broken belly, but discounted that idea very quickly.

Clickety-click for larger version.

Only button-ups can be DomJeans.

Notes for those interested: Although this is a view Silverdrop often gets, the pic was taken by me, using a tripod and remote shutter release. No flash, so longer exposure time due to indoor winter light. I tried to get a sense of movement in my hands – although that was partially achieved by me frantically pushing the remote release inside my jeans. I will not admit how many attempts it took to get this shot (okay, approx. 12). Nor how many times the release fell down my trouser leg.

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