Cut or Uncut?

A nude statue of David by Michaelangelo, showing his uncut penis
David: circumcised in life,
intact in sculpture.

Which do you prefer? Cut or uncut cock?

My first experiences were with circumcised penises, but when I handled my first intact cock, I was an instant convert. I find them so much easier to give hand jobs and blow jobs to, and I love playing with the foreskin. One of my favourite things is to put my tongue between head and foreskin. Mmmmm! And ever since I learned how an intact cock looks ‘in the wild’ so to speak, I’ve never been able to see cut ones the same way. One day, I hope cyberskin technology improves enough to make dildos with functional foreskins. When that happens, I will be in toy heaven!

That said, I would never let that be the deal breaker of a relationship. For one thing, you usually don’t learn the status of a man’s junk until you’ve invested some time in getting to know him. For another, very few circumcised men had a choice in the matter. It was either done when they were infants, or done later in life for medical reasons. But of course the most important reason is that cocks are fun toys, whatever their shape or size!

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