Missing the delivery guy

Had to go out for an hour today. So of course that’s when Parcel Force came by with my Eden Order. I’ll have to go out to the post office tomorrow to pick it up. Here’s what it contains:

clone it

The butt plug is a review item. Can’t wait to try it! The amethyst glass dildo is from the last Eden Friends with Benefits promotion. I got it for $7.50! The special has changed since then, but it’s always worth looking at.
And of course the Eden Toy Wipes are the free gift with purchase. I love FREE! They’re a little pricey to buy, but when you get them free, they’re a fabulous deal!
Just wish I hadn’t missed the delivery guy. Sucks having to go out early on a Saturday morning.
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  1. Silverdrop

    So far, I haven’t had to pay any customs with Eden orders, though I sometimes do with other purchases from the US. I have no idea what criteria they use to decide what to charge customs on.

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