TMI Tuesday: A Song for You

Answer the following questions using only song titles. Make sure you link to the song or the song’s lyrics so that we can listen to or read the song.

1. What is your present state of mind?

2. How do you feel about your spouse, significant other, or someone you lust for?

3. Describe your job.

4. What are you hungry for?

5. What’s your favorite color?

6. What gets you excited?

7. Who do you think you are?

Bonus: Describe your life. Feel free to elaborate on your song choice.

Nope… gonna let everyone draw their own interpretations.

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One thought on “TMI Tuesday: A Song for You

  1. Jack and Jill

    Great answers! Excellent answers to the questions. We hadn’t heard Natalie Cole’s version of “A Song For You”, but I’m glad you posted it, as it’s great! And who doesn’t love Ren & Stimpy? 🙂

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