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TMI Tuesday: Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets

Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets. We never mind telling people about things we love or hate, but how about the things we love, but would hate for anyone to find out about?

Well, it’s time to free yourself of that fear!

For each of the categories below, list one thing you love, one that you hate, and then, take a deep breath and tell us something you hate to admit you love.

You’ll feel better for it!

1. Food
I love seafood
I hate fast food
My guilty secret is Cadbury swiss rolls

2. Apparel
I love tailored clothing
I hate satin pyjamas
My guilty secret is I can’t sleep without knickers on

3. Books
I love Patrick Rothfuss
I hate autobiographies
My guilty secret is Literotica’s group sex category

4. Songs
I love disco
I hate heavy metal
My guilty secret is Elvis

5. Movie
I love Lord of the Rings
I hate Full Metal Jacket
My guilty secret is I liked Terminator 3

6. TV Show
I love Doctor Who
I hate the news
My guilty secret is Brady Bunch reruns

7. Celebrity Crush
I love Lady Gaga
I hate Jenny McCarthy
My guilty secret is Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
I love doggy style
I hate 69
My guilty secret is humiliation play


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