Sinful Sunday: Shaving Sunday

We won’t be getting very sinful if you slip with that…
Sinful Sunday
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6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Shaving Sunday

  1. Mia

    That is a lovely shot.

    This reminds me of my first time being shaved by someone else, it was such huge turn on for me!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Yes, THAT Tonya

    This reminds me of what I will be doing in just a little bit. 🙂 Hopefully I can enlist Roland’s help. It’s been a while, so some assistance is definitely in order!

  3. Molly

    There is something VERY sexy about being shaved by someone and shaving someone. One of my great pleasures in life is shaving Sir. There is something very intimate about shaving a man’s face… I think it is all about the closeness and the eye contact it creates.

    Oh and this image is HOT!


  4. Kazi G

    No, that would be bad 🙂
    I’ve never considered using a trimmer… a no-no in the shower! but I’ll bet that vibrates nicely 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Jack and Jill

    The first time Jill asked me to help her shave I was pretty nervous. I’m fairly certain I’d never done that for anyone before. Now, while I’m far from an expert, I’m less concerned that there’s going to be an accident.

    Beautiful, exciting shot! While I’ve never declined to go down on a woman who wasn’t shaved, and I likely never will, I find it infinitely easier when there’s little or no hair in the way.


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