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Part 2: So I asked SilverHubby about men and breasts …

… Specifically, why it is that some men, SH included, seem to be utterly infatuated with them.

Here is his answer:-

This, as is often the case with me, is going to be complicated, bearing in mind that I am bisexual pansexual, so am clearly also turned on by chests that don’t come equipped with mammary glands.

My earliest sexual memories revolve around the female breast.  When looking at a picture of a naked woman, I look at the breasts first, then the eyes (Silverdrop’s most striking facial feature are her eyes – they’re amazing), then the rest.

I love touching them; stroking them; kissing them; licking them; sucking on the nipples; masturbating over them and, perhaps most of all, sliding my cock between them, having the owner help push them together, and fucking them.  It has been my good fortune to have female partners who have generally enjoyed this level of attention.

Let me be clear: I do not pay attention to breasts to the exclusion of everything else.  I make love to every part of my partner’s body – and I do mean every part.  My attraction to breasts is fuelled by the fact that Silverdrop can sometimes have an orgasm from breast play alone – she has especially sensitive nipples.  Heck! She can have orgasms from wordplay alone.  🙂

Our loyal reader will doubtless notice that Silverdrop’s breasts (yes, those are hers in the picture) are not those of a young woman (my beloved is in her early 40s).  They are, however, beautiful to me.  Throughout my sexually active life I have been attracted to what I think of as ‘natural’ breasts.  I love the way they move, jiggle and feel against various parts of me.  I love the way they fall sideways when their owner is on her back.  I love the way they swing in doggie style sex.  In short, I love breasts of all shapes, sizes and ages.

I have had several sexual partners who have had boob jobs, which hardly counts as a statistically relevant sample of data, but I found their breasts almost a turn off.  My apologies to those of you with surgically enhanced breasts.  My heartfelt apologies if I have offended any readers with surgically reconstructed breasts following cancer.

I have no idea whether or not I was breastfed, so have no opinion on whether early memories of that can influence whether or not a man (or woman for that matter) might go on in later life to be attracted to the female breast.

 I am a breast man and proud of it.

Hmm … it occurs to me that I haven’t actually answered the question.  Ah well.

A picture of Silverdrop's nude breasts, with a riding crop lying across them.
This is why SH loves Silverdrop’s breasts, although they are less keen on the riding crop.

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