Daily Archives: 22/12/2012

Saturday Sex Talk: The media is like a cat chasing shiny things

How many people saw the headlines about squeezing your breasts to treat cancer? Sounded like something you’d hear in the same breath as putting onions out to catch the flu virus or treating a bee sting by taping a penny to the wound. But it was based on new research from the University of California at Berkeley, which reported that compressing malignant breast cells caused the cells to revert to normal.

So, true or false? The research is true. The headlines are not. In the excitement of both writing about cancer (which reporters seem to report breathlessly every couple of weeks, though it’s usually about something that causes it) and writing about breasts (OMG BOOBIES!!!!), it looks like a lot of journalists simply skimmed the original press release from the laboratory.

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