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Part 5: So I asked SilverHubby about stockings and suspenders.

And this is what he said:-

Ah, the joy of what we call stockings and suspenders here in the UK.  Which, in my not even vaguely humble opinion, are very feminine and make an already attractive woman even more so – I have known many men who feel the same way.

One of my first female lovers was a few years older than me and she liked to wear this type of thing, so I’m guessing some of my tastes were affected by her style.

I love the way sheer stocking can enhance the visual of a nice pair of legs (and Silverdrop has very nice legs).  Then we come to the area of bare skin between the top of the stocking and the pussy.  This patch of skin has been known for many years as ‘The Giggle Zone’.  Why?  Because if you can get your hand that far up a woman’s leg, you’re laughing i.e. full sex is highly likely to follow.

The above may sound a little sexist, although it made Silverdrop laugh out loud the first time I told her.

Silverdrop on Christmas Day 2012
More pictures taken at this time here.

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