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Part 6: So I asked SilverHubby About the Ankle Grab

And this is what he said:-

Ah, the ankle grab.  I am a top and a dom (I don’t really go in for the whole capitalisation thing), amongst the many other ways I self-identify.  It’s how we met, as I’m sure you remember.  🙂

Bondage used to be a huge part of our dynamic, at least until our disabilities worsened and cramped our options.  The ankle grab is my ‘shorthand’ way of reminding both of us that there is a bdsm undercurrent to our relationship that often surfaces in day-to-day life that we are both aware of, while missing the old, pre-illness, intensity of.

This morning, for instance, I grabbed your ankle while you were still fast asleep.  You whimpered and wriggled in exactly the same way as you do when I do that while we are actively playing.  I find this hotasallhell and I know you do too.  If I grab both your ankles the usual result is you a wet and willing wench and me with an erection that is so hard it hurts.

Is it any wonder I do it so often?


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