Daily Archives: 09/01/2013

#WickedWednesday: When I fuck you

What’s so different about fucking you versus being fucked by you? It’s more than simply the difference between flesh and silicone, between getting hard and strapping on. If I could plug my dildo into my brain and feel what it feels inside you, we still would fuck differently. You fuck me with decades of experience, with knowing what you want and how to please your partner. I fuck you tentatively, clumsily. I’m never quite sure if I’m going in too hard or at the wrong angle or even if I’m still inside you. And yet it works, and it makes us both come. It’s our emotional connection that turns silicone into flesh and inelegant thrusting into a glorious fuck. Like anyone who has recently lost their “virginity”, my skill will improve, and my confidence will grow. But even then, I will fuck you differently. I fuck you with a feminine passion that is deeper than I can put into words. I fuck you with a masculine passion that I’m only now beginning to explore, that complements, but never mimics, your own passion. Whenever we fuck, there is joy, but they are of different sorts. When you fuck me, it is the joy we share in doing something familiar and loved. When I fuck you, it is the joy of something that still feels new and wonderful, and probably will for some time to come. I love fucking you. I love you.

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Tomorrow, SH writes how he feels when I fuck him. UPDATE: Silverhubby’s perspective is here.