Daily Archives: 12/01/2013

Sex Talk Saturday: The Masseur

He rubs oil over my nude body by candlelight, while soft music plays. He gives all of his attention to my body, and what I’m feeling. It sounds romantic, but it’s strictly professional. He’s my masseur.

He’s always careful to keep my body draped, with only the part he’s working on uncovered, but he must have seen everything. He doesn’t directly touch the breasts or genitals, but he has touched every other part of my body. Usually, I’m not thinking about sex or nudity. He’s working out the tension in my muscles, and I’m going oooooh and aaaaah and occasionally ow. But when I’m on my back, and he reaches under the sheet to run his oiled hands and forearms up my legs, I wonder.

Does this turn him on? Is he hoping I’ll give him some kind of indication that it would be okay for him to cross the line? Somehow, I doubt it. Maybe he’s gay or asexual, or maybe he’s simply rubbed oily hands over enough middle aged women that he’s immune to it, but I don’t feel anything like chemistry from him.

Does he have a lover at home? If he does, would it sensual to him to give his lover a massage, or would it feel like bringing the office home?

Does he ever have clients try to seduce him? Has he ever responded?

Does he imagine I’m someone else when he’s massaging me? Does he wish that the person lying on the table was younger, more fit? Or is he glad it’s someone he’s not attracted to?

Does he only do such a thorough job because I tip well?

What goes on in his mind when his hands are on my body?