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#TMITuesday: You Ought to be in Pictures

Today’s TMI Tuesday topic is sex photography and video.

1. Did you ever pose for pictures in sexual situations, or take pictures of a lover?

Silverdrop (SD): Ahem
SilverHubby (SH): No, we’re not interested in photography, no more than we’re interested in anal.

2. Did you keep these pictures private between yourselves, or did others see them?

SD: Ahem
SH: No, we’d never share our pictures. And we definitely don’t share our experiences with anal. That we don’t have. Because eww, anal!

3. Did any of them ever get out in public with embarrassing results?

SD: I’m not embarrassed yet.
SH: How can we be embarrassed when we don’t share our pictures? And we certainly aren’t embarrassed by any butt related pictures that we haven’t published.

4. Were you ever videotaped having sex?

SD: No
SH: Yes. Pre-SD.

5. If so, was the tape ever made public?

SD: –
SH: No, so far as I know, we erased the only copy together.

6. Were you ever photographed or taped without your knowledge?

SD: If so, it is still without my knowledge.
SH: Not to the best of my knowledge.

Bonus: Post a picture of a body part.
SD: Ahem.

SH: Who, us?

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