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Part 8: So I asked SilverHubby about middle of the day sex.

We’ve had the occasional misfire with our attempts at sex at unexpected times.  But we keep trying.  So I thought I’d ask SilverHubby for his take on it, and this is what he said:-

I’m still mildly embarrassed by the memory of locking you out of the house a few years ago, preventing you from surprising me with lunchtime sex.  I like to think I’ve made up for it since.

Our sex life has always been so non-linear, so not orgasm/penis in orifice-centric, that I often feel that most of our sex life happens at unexpected times and frequently in unexpected ways.  We often touch each other throughout the day – grab ass, squeeze titty kind of stuff, usually accompanied by a sex related comment.

We often joke about not ‘pencilling in’ future sex, because often something happens that prevents, or at least changes, that plan.  Yet it isn’t really a joke at all.  Our disabilities restrict what we can do to/with each other, and how often we can do it i.e. much less that we both would like.  This means that most of the sex we have is both spontaneous and at unexpected times “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition surprise anal!”

Some memories of spontaneous sexual adventures we have shared.

  • When you came home from work one Christmas to a Christmas tree in the lounge and no other light and I, standing in the shadows, told you to strip and come to me.
  • The first time you used a strap-on on me.  (OK, we’d been planning it for months, but the actual event was spontaneous)  And, anyway, we don’t do that very often – like a few hours ago. totally spontaneously.  And, even if we did, we’d be scared your male energy (my beloved genderqueer mostly girly girl wife) might make an appearance and make you growl long and low in my right ear while you fucked me very hard and fast and we wouldn’t want that, would we?
  • The first time I fucked your ass – note to reader: remember we are not at all interested in anal sex here on this blog.
  • Sitting out on a balcony abroad during a ferocious thunderstorm while we groped each other under a duvet.
  • Suddenly bending you over a rock in the woods.
  • You spontaneously falling to your knees and pulling my cock out of my jeans while we walked in the woods.

Perhaps we should write about some of them?  Or even take requests from our loyal reader.

I seem to be rambling again.  What was the question?

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