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From the Toybox Review: Aslan Cherry Jaguar Leather Harness

Each Friday, we will choose an item from Silverdrop’s Toybox to review, either sponsored by a manufacturer or retailer, or an item we choose ourselves.

Aslan Cherry Jaguar Leather Harness

Disclosure: Eden Fantasys provided this item at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review, and it was accepted on that basis.


  • Beautiful
  • Lovely feel to the leather
  • Makes my ass look GREAT
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Metal parts may tarnish
  • Leather will stretch over time
  • Dildos with balls may not fit
  • Heavier in use than the RodeoH


It’s beautiful, sexy, and fits well. It makes me feel smoking hot when I’m wearing a cock for my husband because of how much it drives him wild seeing me in it. It’s awesome for pegging or just for bedroom gender play. I love it. He loves it. With the lifetime guarantee, we’ll be using this for many years to come. However, it doesn’t get five stars due to the possibility of metal parts tarnishing, and the fact that it simply can’t live up to the brilliant (and much less expensive!) RodeoH harness when it comes to comfort and ease of use.

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4 out of 5 stars

product picture
Double strap harness by Aslan Leather
Material: Leather

Seriously, this thing is fucking gorgeous!