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#TMITuesday: Describe It

1. Describe your or a lover’s penis with a movie (or song) title.
Silverdrop (SD): Big Time, by Peter Gabriel

SilverHubby (SH): There for Me 

2. Describe your pussy or a lover’s pussy with a movie (or song) title.
Silverdrop (SD): Tangled (seriously could do with a trim)

SilverHubby (SH): There for Me

3. Describe your last sexual encounter with a song title.
Silverdrop (SD): Doin’ Da Butt by Experience Unlimited 
SilverHubby (SH): Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen

4. Describe your body with a song title.
Silverdrop (SD): Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar

SilverHubby (SH): No One Like You by Scorpions [Purely the title, not the lyrics]

5. Describe your sexual appetite with a book, song, or movie title.
Silverdrop (SD): Making Love Out of Nothing at All by Air Supply

SilverHubby (SH): Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere) by Meat Loaf

Bonus: Recommend your favorite sexy, sensual or kink oriented book.
Silverdrop (SD): The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin
SilverHubby (SH): Anal Pleasure and Health – not that we’re into anal. (Also by Jack Morin)

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