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#WickedWednesday: So I Asked SilverHubby about ‘Proud’

And this is what he said …

Yes, I am a proud person.  Does that sound arrogant?  Perhaps.  Yet I have been called a ‘warm and fuzzy dom’ in the past because, apparently, a small group of people I used to know thought it odd that I am romantic as well as being very physically and emotionally demonstrative.  Odd because a top and a dom shouldn’t behave like that.  To which I would today reply “Bollocks!”  Subtle enough?  Those same people would find it equally odd that I love it when Silverdrop pegs me, and that there is no BDSM element to that side of our relationship.

I have moved on.

Anyway, here are some of the things I am proud of:-

  1. That Silverdrop is my wife/best friend/lover/sub/fuckbuddy/hero.
  2. That Silverdrop can always see the best in me, even when I am being too hard on myself.
  3. That Silverdrop knows in her heart, and often tells me, that I am a “Good man.”
  4. That even when we are both in pain from our disabilities, I can still make Silverdrop smile or laugh.
  5. That Silverdrop has a smile that can light up a room and I can be the cause of it.
  6. That I can make Silverdrop growl when we’re fucking/being fucked, and she me.
  7. That Silverdrop is proud of me.
  8. That I am not too proud to ask for help when I need it … eventually.  🙂
  9. That I served my country.
  10. That I have broken away from the racism and bigotry other members of my family still display.
  11. That I am secure enough in my own personality and sexuality to be openly pansexual.
Hmm, is that not what you were expecting when I said I am proud?

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