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Each Friday, we will choose an item from Silverdrop’s Toybox to review, either sponsored by a manufacturer or retailer, or an item we choose ourselves.

This week it’s the turn of the new Fleshlight Ice Crystal, which SilverHubby got for Christmas.

SilverHubby was already the pleased owner of a Fleshlight Girls with the Lotus interior texture, but when he saw the Fleshlight Ice, he really wanted to try it. Let’s face it – men are visual creatures, and most of them rather like their own cocks. So for SilverHubby, getting to watch his own cock fucking something seemed like it was going to be a treat, particularly if the Fleshlight Ice Crystal feels as good to him as the Fleshlight Girls Lotus.

About the Fleshlight
Fleshlight is an excellent masturbator for men, made of a soft interior sleeve held inside an outer casing. It comes in many variations, which I’ll briefly go over here.

  • The first choice is size. There is the standard Fleshlight, which is the full size version that doesn’t really look like a flashlight, unless you’re kind of squinting or something. The Fleshlight Flight is a bit smaller, and sleeker. It doesn’t look like anything in particular. The Sex in a Can is smaller and disguised to look like a can of beer or pop, and the Fleshlight Blade comes in a squeezable plastic case, to allow the user to apply pressure. We’ve only tried the two full size versions, so the rest of this list will only apply to those.
  • The most superficial choice is whether you want the mouth, vulva, or ass opening at the top. I can’t imagine this makes any difference to the feel, so it seems basically cosmetic. The “Fleshlight Girls”  and “Fleshjack Boys” series actually mold the mouths, asses, and vulva of porn stars. There’s also a “Stealth” version that has a simple hole. It looks like a fuckable donut. I’ve read a lot of Fleshlight reviews, and nobody seems to have ever said that using one opening feels different than another.
  • The choice that’s relevant here is the colour. Most Fleshlights come in a bubblegum pink colour. The Fleshlight Girls and Boys series use skin tones. Whether pink or tan or pale, these all feel pretty much the same. There’s an Alien Fleshlight that comes in bright blue. I haven’t seen one of these in person, so can’t comment on their feel. And finally the Fleshlight Ice, which is clear. And sticky.
  • The final choice is the internal texture. The Fleshlight Ice comes in only one texture currently, which is called Crystal. The other Fleshlights come in quite a few variations, and I imagine in time, we’ll collect more of them, to allow for more variety.
The internal Crystal texture of the Fleshlight Ice

It’s easy to use – unscrew the cap, lube it up, insert lubed cock, and go. That being said, it does need lots of water based lube. You also need to lube the outside of the entrance to stop it sticking to your skin during thrusting. The standard Fleshlight still needs plenty of lube on the inside, but not the exterior lubrication.

The screw cap at the bottom adjusts the pressure. The tighter you screw up the cap, the more the insert will cling to your cock, and vice versa.

SilverHubby has a larger than average cock and found it a snug but comfortable fit.  It expands to accommodate larger girthed cocks, and takes long lengths as well, unlike many hand held pussy strokers. Smaller cocks might need less lube.  Porn star sized cocks might not fit at all. Shame we don’t have any porn star replica dildos to try it out with!

He has only used it so far as a stroker, moving the toy along his cock, rather than having it held in place and thrusted into. He reports that it mimics the ring of muscles around the entrance to a vagina, and feels more like a vagina than an ass. He likes the Lotus texture of Fleshlight girls better, but the visual of the Fleshlight Ice better, especially when used with me present as the shared fun of watching heightens the whole experience for us.

The Ice with an O2 Cush inserted
Next to an O2 Cush for size comparison

It is colder to the touch than the standard Fleshlight finish i.e. the standard Fleshlight is warmer at room temperature. This doesn’t bother SilverHubby, but some users will definitely want to run it under the hot tap before use.

SilverHubby says that if he was using it alone, he would use prefer to use his Fleshlight girls with the Lotus texture rather than the Ice, as he finds the physical sensations more intense. But if I’m there to respond to the visual of the Ice, he’ll go for that one.

It’s adequate but very unsubtle. It’s a simple cardboard box. The tin the older Fleshlights come in is gone – perhaps it has been discontinued. I don’t mind, as the Fleshlight casing is sturdy enough that the tin was overkill. And a large cylindrical tin? Not terribly useful for storage, particularly when it has silhouettes of naked women on it.

In some ways it’s easy to clean up, since you can simply screw up the bottom pressure control thingie and then set it upright until you can take it to the sink. No ejaculate or lube will leak out. Once at the sink, take it apart and run water only through it. Only use Fleshlight Wash or toy safe cleaner with it rather than hand soap or washing up liquid. Make sure the insert is completely dry before putting it back in the outer case. It’s the hassle of drying that makes this toy not at all discreet if you have family or housemates that might see your toys lying out to air dry.

Getting the insert back in is a real pain in the nether regions though, as the material is so sticky that it sticks to your skin, the tube, and itself enthusiastically, making it really hard to put back together. You can apply a bit of corn flour to the insert to remove the stickiness, but that will affect the transparency. We find it’s better to just ignore it, as with enough lube the stickiness isn’t really noticeable in use.

Disability issues
Like the other standard Fleshlights, the Ice is bulky and heavy enough that it can be difficult for people with low arm strength to hold for thrusting or move for stroking. It isn’t a matter of simply using the wrist the way a man might when wanking – you have to get your whole arm involved. So in this case, it’s a bit of a minus.

However, this can be an excellent accommodation for disabled people when the receiving partner is not able to be as active as before. Perhaps full intercourse is not always available, but holding one another while one partner uses the Fleshlight is a way to stay connected sexually.

This is not a small toy.
  • Erotic visual
  • Physical sensations are pretty intense
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Extreme stickiness – the texture is similar to a jelly baby!

SilverHubby likes it a lot, and we would give it a 5 star rating if it weren’t for the stickiness. It was sticky out of the box, and only gets worse after use. Corn flour helps, but only to a point, and if you use too much, it blocks the view. But it feels good to use, it makes him come, and the view is great.

4 out of 5 stars

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Disclosure: This item was from our own collection, not provided free of charge by anyone else.

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