From the Toybox Review: Tantus Realdoe Slim

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Tantus Realdoe Slim

Disclosure: This item was from our own collection, not provided free of charge by anyone else.

A tannish-pink realistic penis shaped silicone dildo with bulb end for wearing vaginally.


  • Looks like a real cock
  • 100% silicone
  • Tantus quality
  • Excellent feedback for the partner wearing the Feeldoe during intercourse


  • Larger users may find it isn’t long enough
  • Pricey

This is a great quality dildo, but at the price, consider carefully whether it will work with the anatomy of you and your partner. We can’t give this a five star rating, but it comes close. If we’re ever skinny again, it may become a firm favourite.

4 out of 5 stars

The Tantus Realdoe Slim is a “strapless strap-on”, that is, a toy that is meant for allowing a woman (or trans man) to penetrate their partner, without having to wear a harness. The smaller bulb is inserted into the vagina and held in place with kegel muscles, giving a very pleasing “girl with a cock” look. The toy is made of silicone with a removable bullet in the base. If your kegels aren’t up to the challenge of trying to hold a toy in place while thrusting, then you can use a harness as well, as long as the harness is open in the middle to allow the bulb to go through.

We wanted this toy for two reasons. First, I’m heavily into gender-play, so having the look of a cock is always good. Secondly, my husband is heavily into being pegged, and he really loved the thought of me getting feedback as I thrust into him.

On paper, this dildo is close to perfect for us. The only thing we regretted was the lack of balls, but after having worn it, it does seem difficult to figure out where the balls would actually fit. (Silicone testicles don’t roll around and retract and such, and so during sex, tend to be there mostly just for the feel of having them slapped against the penetrated partner. So absent the visual, we are able to do without them.) When I wear this dildo, it drives us both crazy with lust, and we both love the way it looks on me. 

Unfortunately, where it lets us down is when it comes to pegging. We do enjoy using it – don’t get us wrong – but what we’d like is a bit more girth and quite a bit more length. The girth, of course, is a personal preference that will change from person to person (and in the same person, will change during their sexual experiences), but the length is simply a matter of “How much length am I able to get into my husband?” Sadly, the answer is “Not very much.”

Here, we have to take some of the blame. We’re both, let us say, somewhat more abundant in body fat than our doctor recommends. However, part of it is because the dildo’s design leaves a portion of the length underneath me rather than poking out in front, making less of it available as insertable length. If the angle were a bit greater, the dildo would stick out in front more. When I am spooning him from behind, I can get no more than 3 or 4 inches of length into him. Standing behind him, I am able to get a bit more, as my belly is less in the way.

Performance wise, the internal bulb is amazing. Obviously, it can’t give me the feel of owning my own cock, but it gives me a sort of spatial awareness of what the dildo is up to in a way that I haven’t had before from a more typical strap-on toy.

The vibrator that comes with this is a standard buzzy little bullet vibe, that can be easily replaced with another standard size vibe if you lose this one or if you find another you like better. I advise putting a few drops of lube inside the bullet hole before inserting the bullet, to make it easier to pull it out later. The vibrations are directly below my vulva, and so I can feel them strongly. My husband reports that he can feel them in the dildo, and that they add another dimension to his enjoyment.

The Realdoe comes in two sizes, and ours is the smaller of the two with an inch less in length and a bit less girth. We wish now we’d gotten the larger one, but probably our next dildo purchase will be a completely different style. It doesn’t seem that an extra inch will make enough difference to be worth the purchase just yet.

4 out of 5 stars

Where to buy:
US readers: Lovehoney US or Eden Fantasys
UK readers: Lovehoney UK or

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The female blogger Silverdrop, shown nude from waist to knees, wearing a red leather strap-on harness displaying a Tantus Realdoe Slim dildo
Worn with the Aslan Leather Cherry Jaguar
The female blogger Silverdrop, nude and on her back, shown from the waist to upper thighs, wearing a Tantus Realdoe Slim vaginally.
Worn bare.
A plushie Tazmanian Devil toy "wearing" a Tantus Realdoe Slim dildo
Worn by Taz.
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