Part 9: So I Asked SilverHubby About WTF Happened Last Night?

And this is what he said …

So, last night.


Where did that come from?

I guess I’d better explain for the benefit of our regular reader.

Last night Silverdrop wasn’t feeling physically up for penetrative sex and asked me if I wanted a wank.  I often masturbate.  Sometimes she actively helps me to varying degrees, other times she snuggles with me while I do it.  Last night she was actively helping me by stroking my cock, sometimes solo, sometimes with both our hands.

She often experiences what we call ‘sympathetic orgasms’ when we do this i.e. she will cum (usually quite a small one) when I do – it is quite nice when this happens [understatement alert].

Last night though, something strange, wonderful and, frankly, a little weird happened.  As my orgasm built up, so did hers.  We were precisely in tune.  At one point, my arm gave out, and her orgasm subsided along with mine.  We got back to it quickly, and it happened again.  Our orgasms built precisely in time with each other’s.  We came at the same time.  We almost always do come together, but this was different.  I can best describe it (and Silverdrop agrees) by saying that we both had the same orgasm – our orgasm, if you like.  As I said, we almost always orgasm at the same time, but each of us is experiencing their own climax.  This was different – only I was receiving direct physical stimulation, but we shared an orgasm and it was incredible.

Has anybody else ever experienced anything like this?

Also, I can’t tell you how disappointed we’re going to be if we can’t do it again.


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