Silverdrop’s #MemeOfTheWeek: The best of the memes

#MemeOfTheWeek is our weekly “Best of” list of the entries in the various Memes we participate in. These include Sinful Sunday, TMI Tuesday, Toy With Me Tuesday, and Wicked Wednesday.

  • #SinfulSunday:  We both loved Hairy, by Her Second Chance. As an older woman, I’m frequently shocked by the way the trends have gone to make body wide hairlessness as the standard that all women should live up to. It certainly wasn’t that way back when I was young. I’d never even heard of a Brazilian wax, and the only reason to shave the bikini area was to keep hair from showing when I wore a bikini. I’m glad some women still feel free to buck the trends if they like.
  • #ToyWithMeTuesday: There were a lot of great entries, but Angry Butt Plug on Your Tail by Kinky Testers was our favourite. I certainly wouldn’t let anything that angry near my precious bottom!
  • #TMITuesday: The answers by A Tale of Bi and Bi were great, as was the very nsfw accompanying photo.
  • #WickedWednesday had an entry by Rachel Kincaid called Tender is the Night. Absolutely beautiful and bittersweet, and not to be missed.

If your entry was chosen, this week or any other,
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2 thoughts on “Silverdrop’s #MemeOfTheWeek: The best of the memes

  1. hersecondchance

    I second Rachel’s comment. I was completely blown away myself to be included in this. Truly was a huge shock but a good one at that.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to be included.

    xxx Miss July xxx

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