Silverhubby: "On Being Fucked by You"

Yesterday, in When I fuck you I wrote about fucking (pegging) SilverHubby.  Today, I thought I’d ask him about the differences from his persepective.  After all, society typically sees the receiver as the passive, even feminine side of the equation, and some men can’t deal with that.  Anyway, here is what SilverHubby said:-

On Being Fucked by You.

I have said before here that I am bisexual pansexual, and some readers might think that means I have experienced anal sex as the receiver with a male partner. Not so.  My one male lover was seriously into oral (giving and receiving) and loved to receive anal (did he ever!).  However, he had no interest in fucking my ass, although we did pretty much everything else together.  Had I not been 18 and lacking in confidence, I would have discussed it with him, as I was turned on by the idea of being fucked by him.

I am also a top and a dom, and I know there are some (not all) people out there, on both sides of the D/s slash, who are puzzled (to say the least) by the concept of a Dom wanting to be fucked by his sub. They think it must screw with the dynamic when, at least for us, it doesn’t.

You and I have had anal sex with you as the receiver since early on in our relationship, and used butt plugs and other toys on your ass (now I have distracted myself with thoughts and memories of your ass).  It is only in the past year or so that we have started anal pay with my butt and it took us a few months to work up to you actually fucking me.

I know you still feel inexperienced and even clumsy when you fuck me but, as I have said on more than 207 occasions (I’ve told myself a million times not to exaggerate) it feels fucking amazing from my end, both emotionally and physically.  I don’t feel in the least bit submissive, although I am sometimes so lost in the feelings that I can seem a bit passive.  That being said, I’m usually pushing back against you enthusuastically, trying to get you deeper (what can I say – I’m a slut), while encouraging you verbally.  I also love the feel of your tits pushing into my back as you thrust into me – the dissonance of the same person having a cock in my ass while her tits are also against me is a great mindfuck.  What I find a little odd is that I do not always have an erection when you’re fucking me.  Odd because the physical sensations I experience are very intense and I would have expected them to cause an erection.  It doesn’t bother either of us and, anyway, my hand, or a reach-around from you, soon causes me to get hard.

Where we are in our exploration of pegging is that I feel like I am being fucked by my wife, and that is absofuckinglutely incredible, both physically and emotionally.  An added dimension to my pleasure is that I know that this is making one of your hottest fantasies come true, and that makes me feel good [understatement alert].

Then there is the fact that you are a little genderqueer.  And, while your male energy has not yet really surfaced while you fuck me, we are both confident it eventually will.  I think you will find that the sex is different again – two guys fucking can sometimes be more direct, more aggressive even, than MF sex sometimes is.  It is possible we’re both looking forward to exploring that.

As for the big picture i.e. where does pegging fit into our relationship?  I feel that it has brought us even closer together than ever – if that were possible.

Silverdrop ready for action – this and similar images
make SilverHubby very hard, very fast.

I think I’m beginning to ramble – I do that a lot.  Did I manage to answer the question?

Hmm, perhaps our next joint perspective taking should be about how we fulfil your double penetration fantasies without (so far) bringing a guest star(s) into our sex life.  Do you think our loyal reader would like that?

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  1. heelsnstocking

    Wonderful, YSL is currently writing his side of this weeks pleasure and I suspect some of the feelings you have described will be similar.

    Thank you for sharing

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