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Pure indulgence

As the bath fills with water, I set everything I need on the chair next to the tub. I pour a few drops of scented bath oil in with the running water – the expensive stuff that my masseur sells. The fragrance fills the room, and I strip down and look over my body.

The scales are nearby. Since I’m naked, I step on them, and sigh at their stubbornness. The number isn’t going up, but it isn’t going down either. No matter. I shouldn’t have even looked at the scales. Tonight isn’t about that.

I slide into the water and focus on the feel of warmth on my skin, like a hot embrace impossible for a human lover to emulate. I reach down and spread my labia, letting the hot water reach my centre. The feeling is soothing, rather than arousing, but arousal is soon to follow. I reach for the first item on the chair – a bottle of silicone lube. My fingers dance across my vulva then dip inside, massaging my inner walls and my G-spot, creating more heat.

The next item is my Pure Wand. Deliberately left out at room temperature, the stainless steel feels cold when it touches me. I run the smaller end along myself a few times before it slips inside, the curve perfectly formed to find my G-spot. It only takes a tiny bit of pressure on the other end to make me gasp. Pure’s weight is lessened by the buoyancy of the water, allowing me to go on and on much longer than I would if I were on the bed. The climax builds and builds, but I hold it off. One thing is missing.

I reach for the last item set on the side – a single Lindor dark chocolate truffle. I unwrap it and place it in my mouth, feeling the outer shell starting to melt at once. I switch to Pure’s larger end and resume my attentions. Now it becomes a game, trying to time my orgasm for the moment the chocolate shell gives way and the rich inner decadence is released onto my tongue. Such opulence that lies at the centre. Such luxury. Such bliss.

I remain until the water starts to grow cool, finally sliding out the wand with a gentle pop, like a last kiss goodnight. I wrap myself in a thick terry cloth robe and the rest of the evening, I carry with me the echo of indulgence and bliss.


#WickedWednesday: So I asked SilverHubby about ‘writhe’ …

And this is what he said …


So, shall I be boring and predictable with this week’s prompt, or should I go off on my usual tangent?

Things I think about when I consider that word:-

  • You writhing on the bed, biting your lower lip because you are right on the edge of an orgasm and I have told you that you aren’t allowed to cum yet.
  • Same as above, but it’s now 30 minutes later and your writhing is getting more frantic.
  • 30 minutes later and your writhing would throw you off the bed if you weren’t tied down because I have finally said “Cum now!” and you’re exploding verbally, physically and emotionally.
  • The way you sometimes writhe when I get close to you and growl in your ear about all the dirty, disgusting, slutty things I am going to do to you or have done to you.
  • I love the way you can make me writhe when my cock’s in your mouth.
    • or when you’re playing with my prostate
    • or when you stroke my cock (and other places) with your long hair
  • How you try and writhe away from me when I approach the soles of your feet with the pinwheel.
  • The way you writhe against me, sometimes rubbing your pussy against my thigh when we’re cuddling.
    • I especially like the blush and extra writhe when I point it out to you because you didn’t realise you were doing it.

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How to Roleplay During Sex

The TMI Tuesday topic a couple of weeks back was about the use of roleplaying during sex. SilverHubby and I were dismayed at the number of people who said something like ‘I’ve never roleplayed during sex’ or ‘I wouldn’t know how’.

So I figured it was time to write a How To guide, using a session from last week as an example.

The fantasy: I am a hot young male university student and SilverHubby is my sexy older male professor.

The reality: We’re middle aged, married, and one of us is female. 

To help keep everything straight, whatever is part of the fantasy will be blue, and whatever is happening in reality is grey.

The scene begins:

Professor? May I come in?” I ask.

“You’re late, boy.” he says sternly.

I shuffle my feet and lower my eyes. “I was in the locker room with the football team.”

“Have you been naughty, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re going to have to be punished for being such a slut, you know.”

“Yes, Sir, I know.” I start to bend over in front of my professor.

“Oh no, boy. I’ve thought of something better. I’m going to punish you today by NOT fucking your ass. Instead, you’re going to fuck mine.”

“Please professor? Please put your cock inside me.”

“No, boy. You haven’t earned it. You’re going to have to use my ass in just the way I like. Now go and get ready.”

Reality intervenes, and I get the strapless strap inserted, then try to put on the RodeoH harness to help hold it in place. “Um, SilverHubby? This isn’t working. Can you bring the leather strap-on?”

“Where is it?”

“In the dressing table, the door on the left, on the upper shelf.”

“I can’t find it.”

I waddle in, trying to keep the dildo in place inside me. After digging around on the shelf for a moment, I find it. “Oh, I forgot I’d put it inside a Lovehoney bag.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“I’m going to step into it and put the dildo through the O-ring, then I need you to buckle it and adjust the leg straps. Pull them together, g-string style. I think that might help hold it in better.”

“You realize I already put two syringes full of silicone lube in my ass, and I’m having trouble keeping it in.”

After much fumbling around, we get back into bed together. I lube up the dildo and get into spoon position behind him.

More “in character” talk occurs, which was almost certainly sexier to experience than to read, so I’ll spare you. I get my “cock” ready to enter his ass and…

“You’re a little too high”

“Is that better?”

“I think so. No, wait, stop.”


“I think that’s far enough for now.”

“Alright. I’ll stay still, and you can push back when you’re ready.”

More fantasy talk, and our sex progresses, with me getting a little bit further inside. Then…

“You just fell out.”

“Oh hell, did I? Let me just…”

“Hold on, I think the dildo needs more lube.”

“Okay….. is that better?”

“Can you try moving your body more this way?”

“I can’t. The dildo doesn’t have any flexibility. It’s this position or nothing.”

“Okay, then… CRAP! It fell out again!”

“Fuck. This isn’t working is it?” I get out of bed, remove the harness and dildo, and replace it with the RodeoH harness and O2 Mark Dildo. “How about this?”

“Oooh, yes. You feel so good inside me, boy.” And so on…

And yes, that really is all there is to it. Just pretend and dirty talk. Despite all of the miscues in the above scene, we still had really hot sex that night. When things go wrong just roll with it. Choose a different position, a different toy. Heck, change the fantasy completely. Maybe what started as a gay professor / student fantasy turns into a naughty French maid offering extra services to the rich businessman staying at the hotel.

Yes, you will feel silly. That’s normal. Do it anyway.

It’s definitely worth it.

Something for the weekend

Deep subspace – sexy or scary?

We have written recently about how having less power makes it harder to give it to another via submission. On Sunday night, we played with me collared and cuffed, after having discussed where we are for most of the preceding two days.  I went deeper into subspace than I’ve been for years – possibly as deep as I’ve ever been.  This was something of a surprise to both of us, and a little bit scary, as we weren’t entirely prepared for it.  In fact, we thought I might have trouble diving.

So I asked SilverHubby about it, and this is what he said …

So, Sunday night.  The physical details of the actual sex we had are completely irrelevant to what happened, I think.  It seemed more to be caused by our mind states, coupled with the fact that we had been discussing our dynamic in person and here for several days.

You have been experiencing difficulty with your submission because of your health (see here and here), so your deep dive on Sunday night was not something either of us was prepared for [understatement alert].  You went very deep – at least as deep as I’ve ever known you to go in ten years.  I should have spotted what was happening right at the beginning of the scene when you lost all language and got a glazed look on your face.

You were collared and cuffed, but that was not unusual.  I did use the flogger on you for a little while, and I spanked you.  That is the first time in a while we have done pain play.  So that was different, but was after you had already lost language, so I don’t think the pain caused the dive.

Also, you squirted three times while I fucked you.  You’ve done this before, rarely.  The difference this time is that you’ve squirted every time we’ve had penetrative sex since Sunday (gee, our readers are going to think that we have alot of sex as it’s only 3 days ago *grin*).

It took multiple attempts for me to call you back afterwards, as you kept falling back into deep subspace.  I could see a little fear in your eyes at this – worried that you couldn’t get back.  It was late at night, so I would have put you to bed if it had carried on, as that worked in the past.  Our loyal reader might be amused to hear that it was you doing some ‘real life’ things (like clipping your toenails) that grounded you and brought you back.

We had both thought that the problem was likely to be that you wouldn’t be able to get into subspace.  It never occurred to us that the exact opposite would happen!  But it was wonderful, and made me a teensy bit wistful at the same time, because it was a taste of what we used to have, pre our joint disabilities.

Now our discussions have turned to how to do it again.  How we will be more prepared and, most importantly of all, what we can do to up our active D/s time.  We accept that it is unlikely that we will ever get back to 24/7, but collaring you a few days a week for a little while is the place we have agreed to start.  And I/we will go slowly, carefully, because (new) beginnings are a delicate time.

So, new horizons.  Or is that old horizons coming back?  Or am I rambling again.  Fuck, I love you so much!

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And now my thoughts on it.

I sank like a stone, and it was terrifying.

At first, it wasn’t. It felt like retreading old ground, familiar and safe. There is so much less we can do now, but that made little difference to the way the dynamic felt. It was only when it was over that I started to realize that he didn’t know the state I was in.

I think subspace does the same things to the brain that a hypnotic state does. I knew there were things that needed to be done (collar and cuffs removed, cleanup, going to the loo, getting dressed for bed, and so on). But I couldn’t speak or move. I could barely even think coherently. I may have been thinking in visuals instead of in words. I had some access to the language centres of my brain. I could understand what SilverHubby was saying to me. But I couldn’t respond, except with whimpers, or sometimes, if I really concentrated, a yes or no shake of the head.

He said at one point, “The noises you’re making are beautiful, but they aren’t telling me what I need to know.” And that’s when I realized that he didn’t know what state I was in. I got scared, and I worked very very hard to get out the word ‘help’. He immediately looked concerned, and asked what was wrong. I don’t remember how I responded, but I must have gotten out a word or signal or something to tell him what was happening to me.

He called to me a few times. I started to surface, but I felt myself sinking again – as if there were weights on my feet pulling me down as I tried to swim for air. The first thing that helped was getting dressed. The second was cutting my toenails. It was a simple, concrete, completely physical and completely non-sexual activity to focus my attention on.

I find myself less optimistic than SilverHubby (which is pretty typical of us). I don’t think the fact that I sank so hard and fast is a sign that BDSM will get easier for us. There is part of me, I can feel, pulling back protectively and making “GO SLOW!” warning signs in my head.

Because I don’t want to lose myself, even temporarily, and I feel like I almost did that night. I’m not strong enough to find my way back if I sink that deep again.

I think I need to stay in the shallow end of the BDSM pool for a while.

Something for the weekend

#TMITuesday: A blank expression

Fill in the blanks.

Silverdrop (SD): I’m the type of person that likes to be read to in bed.SilverHubby and I read bedtime stories each other every night. Sometimes it’s erotica, but not always.
SilverHubby (SH): I’m the type of person that likes to befun in bed. Whether I am actively domming and/or topping, having vanilla-ish sex (because “ish” is as close to we get to vanilla), I try and make it fun. There is a lot of laughter in our sex life, and not just from Silverdrop when I get undressed. And in our non-sex life as well.

Silverdrop (SD): If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I wouldthink about it. I mean, he’s terribly sexy and all, but we might’ve just eaten. Or the dishes need washing up. Or maybe we just had sex ten minutes ago. I adore him madly, but we can’t be having sex every minute. (And yes, I am talking about SilverHubby!)
SilverHubby (SH): If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I wouldsay ‘Sure, so long as you’re up for a threesome or moresome, because Silverdrop and I come as a package deal. Still interested?’ Of course, some years ago, the sexiest person I knew did proposition me for sex, and I ended up marrying her. (And yes, I am talking about Silverdrop!)


Silverdrop (SD): The worst part about doing anything when I am naked is it’s so damn cold! I’d love to walk around the house naked all the time (and SilverHubby would certainly like me to!) but it’s only warm enough for a few weeks in the summer.
SilverHubby (SH): The worst part about walking around the house  when I am naked (which is often, as I’m most comfortable that way) is that Silverdrop can’t join me because she feels the cold more than I do.

Silverdrop (SD): I regret my first sexual experiences were tainted by shameReligion is a bitch. I wish I’d been raised atheist.
SilverHubby (SH): I regret my first male loverNot that I had him, because it was one of the most erotic and intense relationships of my life. But that I was too young and inexperienced to enjoy it physically and emotionally as much as I could’ve done. Also, that I could not admit to myself, let along tell him, that I loved him. Still do.


Silverdrop (SD): The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was facials. I love giving head. I love humiliation play. But when we tried facials (on several occasions) it just didn’t work for me.
SilverHubby (SH): The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was the taste of another man’s spunk. Many years ago, I discovered that I don’t like it. I love it. I also like the taste of my own. I often have Silverdrop collect my spunk in her hand and bring it to my mouth when I’ve had a wank.


Silverdrop (SD): Recently, I flashed someone. It was unintentional. I forgot the curtains were open when I came in from the shower. SilverHubby noticed the garbage man in his truck had a very nice view and seemed to be enjoying it.
SilverHubby (SH): Recently, I fell in love all over again with someone. For some years, I’d had to travel extensively on business, and so been away from Silverdrop a lot of the time. And, frankly, this caused us to drift apart a little emotionally. But life has changed, and we have been together most of the time for about a year now. And we both feel that we have reconnected and are closer than ever before. And that really had felt like falling in love all over again.

Bonus: You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged into a lesbian orgy, what are you going to do?

Silverdrop (SD): Press charges! Unless you mean consensually play-kidnapped, in which case, I would politely insist that there had been some mistake, as I had expected to be dragged into a cock-inclusive orgy.
SilverHubby (SH): Initially, I’d look very confused, since I’m unclear with what lesbians would want with a man at their orgy. On the other hand, if they want me for some strap-on sex, I’m gay bisexual pansexual game!

TMI Tuesday blog

#ToyWithMeTuesday: Strap-on sex

You’ve all heard of ‘cable sex’ right?  You know, when your many power/charger/phone etc. cables get all tangled up, even though they haven’t been disturbed.

Well, we want to tell you about show you ‘strap-on sex’.  No, not that kind of strap-on sex (although we do an awful lot of that here at SilverHome).  This kind – which is how we found two of our dildos in a drawer the other day.  We did not put them in there like this! Honest!

They’re definitely having sex!
You’d know it if you saw 2 biological cocks like that, right?

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#SinfulSunday: Tulips, two lips, and fingertips

Quote Me Some Valentine

The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here.
Look how white everything is, how quiet, how snowed-in…
As the light lies on these white walls, this bed, these hands.
-Sylvia Plath

Our wedding was simple and understated. I carried a bouquet of tulips that SilverHubby picked up at Tesco that morning. Since then, tulips have been our favourite flower.

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Answering Molly: SilverHubby’s views on what submission means to Silverdrop

Molly asked a set of questions in her post Question Time. As I was reading my answers to SilverHubby, he had enough opinions on some of my answers to warrant his own post. So I asked SilverHubby…

What are top 5 6 myths/beliefs you would like to dispel about submissive women people?

  1. Submissives are weak. In my experience, this is a relatively common misconception among the non-kinky community and, sadly, among a tiny minority of the community.  Some of the strongest women (and men) I have ever known have been submissive, including Silverdrop.Even though her ability to submit to me 24/7 (which is what we used to have) has been taken by her health, she remains submissive and strong.
  2. Dominants control every encounter and/or relationship. Oh, please!  As a dominant, I feel I have nothing more than potential control during the negotiation period. That is, when we talk about expectations, limits (hard and soft), safewords, etc. Once submission has been given and accepted, whether it is short-term for a scene only or long-term in a relationship, then in my opinion things change. I do not believe “Dominants control every encounter and/or relationship”. Encounters… for the duration of an encounter (which could be a one-off or part of a relationship that is not 24/7), I think the dominant is responsible for controlling everything, unless the submissive uses their safeword or other signal that indicates need to slow down. In a long-term relationship it gets more complicated. 
  3. A true submissive would never use a safeword or You can rely on a submissive to use their safeword if they need to. It is dangerous to rely completely on a submissive being able to use their safeword, because they may have gone so deep into subspace that they have no language – no words. A safeword does not absolve a dominant of responsibility for observing their submissive closely and taking care of their safety.  As for a ‘true submissive’ – this smacks of the OneTrueWay school of thought, which I consder dangerous and despise. 
  4. Safewords are only for submissives.  Err, I don’t think so.  I don’t have a safeword and, while I personally know of no Dominants that do, some might.  However, I can, and have, ended scenes prematurely either because I think something’s wrong with the sub, or because something’s wrong with me.
  5. Submissives don’t believe in sexual equality.  Err, I’ve not met one who feels that way.  Sadly, I have met some non-kinky people who assume that is true.
  6. Submissives are victims of emotional or physical abuse by their dominant.  I think Silverdrop covered this. 

Bonus: What myths would you like to dispel about masochists?

  • All masochists eroticise pain. I have a former partner who was both a submissive and a masochist. Her submission was entirely sexual and erotic and she would endure pain for me during submissive scenes rather than because she got anything sexual out of it at all. Whereas, when I “topped” her, it was entirely about the endorphin rush of the brain’s pain response for her rather than anything sexual. A very obvious example being (and I checked), if I was only topping her, I could not recall her pussy ever getting wet.

In erotic fiction what are the most common ‘wrongs’ you come across that don’t work for you as a submissive woman person kinky reader?

  • Not understanding the difference between hard limits (no go) and softer limits that can be explored with negotiation and safety precautions in place (edge play). Edge play can be fun, but it should only be done after you know your play partner well. Maybe closing her eyes and going quiet means she’s really really into what’s happening, and maybe it means she’s trying not to have a complete emotional meltdown. That’s why edge play shouldn’t be on the table from the get-go, and only gradually introduced to a relationship in time. As for hard limits – they should be respected, full stop. Perhaps they’ll soften in time, but that doesn’t mean the dominant should try to add them in during an encounter. That is a Very Bad Sign.

 If you could ask a submissive woman person any question what would it be?

  • SilverHubby asks: “What do you mean, when you say you are a submissive?” This is one of the questions I always want an answer to when negotiating with a potential new playmate. It means different things to different people. Sometimes it’s used when someone is a masochist, bottom, or switch. Sometimes the extent of their submission is quite limited. Sometimes it’s very deep. All of these variations are okay, within the continuum, but the dominant needs to know these things before safe and enjoyable play can happen.

If you could ask ME any question what would it be?

  • SilverHubby asks: “When did you first know you were a submissive?”
  • Hmm … maybe I prefer Silverdrop’s question.  🙂

See Silverdrop’s responses to these questions here.

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