Pure indulgence

As the bath fills with water, I set everything I need on the chair next to the tub. I pour a few drops of scented bath oil in with the running water – the expensive stuff that my masseur sells. The fragrance fills the room, and I strip down and look over my body.

The scales are nearby. Since I’m naked, I step on them, and sigh at their stubbornness. The number isn’t going up, but it isn’t going down either. No matter. I shouldn’t have even looked at the scales. Tonight isn’t about that.

I slide into the water and focus on the feel of warmth on my skin, like a hot embrace impossible for a human lover to emulate. I reach down and spread my labia, letting the hot water reach my centre. The feeling is soothing, rather than arousing, but arousal is soon to follow. I reach for the first item on the chair – a bottle of silicone lube. My fingers dance across my vulva then dip inside, massaging my inner walls and my G-spot, creating more heat.

The next item is my Pure Wand. Deliberately left out at room temperature, the stainless steel feels cold when it touches me. I run the smaller end along myself a few times before it slips inside, the curve perfectly formed to find my G-spot. It only takes a tiny bit of pressure on the other end to make me gasp. Pure’s weight is lessened by the buoyancy of the water, allowing me to go on and on much longer than I would if I were on the bed. The climax builds and builds, but I hold it off. One thing is missing.

I reach for the last item set on the side – a single Lindor dark chocolate truffle. I unwrap it and place it in my mouth, feeling the outer shell starting to melt at once. I switch to Pure’s larger end and resume my attentions. Now it becomes a game, trying to time my orgasm for the moment the chocolate shell gives way and the rich inner decadence is released onto my tongue. Such opulence that lies at the centre. Such luxury. Such bliss.

I remain until the water starts to grow cool, finally sliding out the wand with a gentle pop, like a last kiss goodnight. I wrap myself in a thick terry cloth robe and the rest of the evening, I carry with me the echo of indulgence and bliss.


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