#TMITuesday: A blank expression

Fill in the blanks.

Silverdrop (SD): I’m the type of person that likes to be read to in bed.SilverHubby and I read bedtime stories each other every night. Sometimes it’s erotica, but not always.
SilverHubby (SH): I’m the type of person that likes to befun in bed. Whether I am actively domming and/or topping, having vanilla-ish sex (because “ish” is as close to we get to vanilla), I try and make it fun. There is a lot of laughter in our sex life, and not just from Silverdrop when I get undressed. And in our non-sex life as well.

Silverdrop (SD): If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I wouldthink about it. I mean, he’s terribly sexy and all, but we might’ve just eaten. Or the dishes need washing up. Or maybe we just had sex ten minutes ago. I adore him madly, but we can’t be having sex every minute. (And yes, I am talking about SilverHubby!)
SilverHubby (SH): If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I wouldsay ‘Sure, so long as you’re up for a threesome or moresome, because Silverdrop and I come as a package deal. Still interested?’ Of course, some years ago, the sexiest person I knew did proposition me for sex, and I ended up marrying her. (And yes, I am talking about Silverdrop!)


Silverdrop (SD): The worst part about doing anything when I am naked is it’s so damn cold! I’d love to walk around the house naked all the time (and SilverHubby would certainly like me to!) but it’s only warm enough for a few weeks in the summer.
SilverHubby (SH): The worst part about walking around the house  when I am naked (which is often, as I’m most comfortable that way) is that Silverdrop can’t join me because she feels the cold more than I do.

Silverdrop (SD): I regret my first sexual experiences were tainted by shameReligion is a bitch. I wish I’d been raised atheist.
SilverHubby (SH): I regret my first male loverNot that I had him, because it was one of the most erotic and intense relationships of my life. But that I was too young and inexperienced to enjoy it physically and emotionally as much as I could’ve done. Also, that I could not admit to myself, let along tell him, that I loved him. Still do.


Silverdrop (SD): The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was facials. I love giving head. I love humiliation play. But when we tried facials (on several occasions) it just didn’t work for me.
SilverHubby (SH): The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was the taste of another man’s spunk. Many years ago, I discovered that I don’t like it. I love it. I also like the taste of my own. I often have Silverdrop collect my spunk in her hand and bring it to my mouth when I’ve had a wank.


Silverdrop (SD): Recently, I flashed someone. It was unintentional. I forgot the curtains were open when I came in from the shower. SilverHubby noticed the garbage man in his truck had a very nice view and seemed to be enjoying it.
SilverHubby (SH): Recently, I fell in love all over again with someone. For some years, I’d had to travel extensively on business, and so been away from Silverdrop a lot of the time. And, frankly, this caused us to drift apart a little emotionally. But life has changed, and we have been together most of the time for about a year now. And we both feel that we have reconnected and are closer than ever before. And that really had felt like falling in love all over again.

Bonus: You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged into a lesbian orgy, what are you going to do?

Silverdrop (SD): Press charges! Unless you mean consensually play-kidnapped, in which case, I would politely insist that there had been some mistake, as I had expected to be dragged into a cock-inclusive orgy.
SilverHubby (SH): Initially, I’d look very confused, since I’m unclear with what lesbians would want with a man at their orgy. On the other hand, if they want me for some strap-on sex, I’m gay bisexual pansexual game!

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