#TMITuesday: Bedframes and Bodily Fluids

1. When you bought your bed frame, did you evaluate it in terms of ropes, handcuffs, etc?
Silverdrop (SD): Yes, and it fails miserably.
SilverHubby (SH): No. We spent all our money (and a lot of it) on a specialized mattress because our disabilities make comfort important. We’ll get a more kink friendly bed frame as soon as we can.

2. Aside from beds, was sex ever a major consideration in choosing a piece of furniture?
SD: I sat on every washing machine at the dealer to make sure it gave the right amount of vibrations during the spin cycle. Then when we got home, SilverHubby put the dryer on top of it. (This didn’t actually happen, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if it had?)
SH: It became one after we trashed a table once having sex on it.

3. Have you ever had anyone else (friend, mom) say a piece of your furniture was inappropriate because it was clearly for sexual purposes?
SD: Er, what?
SH: No, but in a previous relationship, we got some strange looks from people who saw the 8 heavy duty eye bolts fixed to the side of the bed.
SD: Why don’t we just fix heavy duty eye bolts to our bed?
SH: This bed frame isn’t strong enough.
SD: 🙁

4. Do you have a piece of furniture that has a stain caused by bodily fluids (baby vomit not included)?
SD: Er, what?
SH: Not now. But in the same previous relationship mentioned above, we left a stain on top of a heavy duty oak dining table when I bent her over it and fucked her from behind. She was a squirter. As far as I know, it’s still there.
SD: I wish I were a squirter. Or were still fit enough to be bent over tables.

5. Do you have anything in your beside table you wouldn’t want your father or mother to know about?
SD: The top drawer is definitely off limits to my parents. As is SH’s entire nightstand, and his wardrobe and several compartments in my dresser.
SH: You forgot to mention a large section of the bookcase.
SD: Oh crap. You just know my mom would go poking around looking around for something to read too.

6. Do you own any exercise equipment that is useful for sex?
SD: No, but in my dream house, there’s a hot tub that’s bit enough for sex. Does that count?
SH: No, but in my dream house, there’s a fully equipped dungeon. Does that count?
SD: I hope your fully equipped dungeon comes fully equipped with a young and fit slave boy, or a lot of that equipment will sadly be unused.
SH: It comes with a slave boy and a slave girl, and slave anywhere-in-betweens, if I can find them.
SD: Sounds good! Hopefully I can get a good view of proceedings from the hot tub.

Like this, Master?

7. Aside from your bedroom, what room do you have sex in most often?
SD: When you reach a certain age, you pretty much recognize that beds are far and away the best place for sex.
SH: When we were younger and fitter, we did it in every room of our first place – and the outdoors.
SD: Fond memories. We were just sluts really.
SH: That hasn’t changed.

8. Do you have any electronics (TV, stereo) etc in your bedroom that are on during sex?
SD: Maybe if we ever get a video camera…
SH: Does our large collection of vibrating toys count?

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  1. Gemma Jones

    Awesome answers guys. You are indeed very funny this week. I especially love the comment about recognising that beds are really the best place for sex. Jake and I haven’t quite given up on the other rooms in the house but we perhaps don’t visit them as often as we used to.

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