#WickedWednesday: So I asked SilverHubby about #Follow …

And this is what he said …

In the military, we had a way of describing a particularly inept trainee:

“Can’t lead.  Won’t follow.  Refuses to get out of the way.”

Having shared that only tangentially relevant snippet with you, I’ll get to the point (unusual for me – I usually ramble).

Squishiness Alert: I wasn’t sure where I was going with this when I started.  It has  turned into something of a squish-fest.  Walk away now and save yourself, dear loyal reader, if your gag reflex is twitching.  Anyway, it is almost Valentines.  🙂

Follow me and I promise you that I …

  • … will continue my contribution to us having the best sex either of us have ever experienced.
  • … will love you for who and what you are – I have no desire to change you.
  • … will lead you to places we both want to go, emotionally, physically and geographically.
  • … will ensure that we will discuss everything, I (will usually) decide.
  • … will nurture you.  All of you.  Including, in fact most especially, your inner slut.
  • … will do everything I can for you, for us.
  • … will tell you if I’ve screwed up, not try and hide it.
  • … will tell you if I think you’ve screwed up, and help you fix it.
  • … will always be there to hold your hand, be a shoulder to cry on, be a (metaphorical) punchbag for you to shout at the world when you need to.
  • … will cherish you always.
  • … will do all that I can to help you with achieving inner peace.  Including putting your physical collar around your neck to remind you of, well, everything we are to each other.
  • … will give you a reality check when it’s needed – as you will me.
  • … will always have your/our best interests at heart.
  • … will never make you doubt my love for you.
  • … we always put Us, and what we are together, first.
  • … will tell you “I love you.” every day (err … we both say it multiple times a day already).
  • … will not be even slightly offended when your promised response tomorrow is nowhere near as romantic – because we both know who the SoftCuddlyRomanticDom in this relationship is. 🙂
  • … will not remind you that I brought you a large bunch of assorted coloured tulips today when I read your response.
  • … will always say “and I love you” (not “but I love you”)
Would I follow you?  Yes.  Even into hell (remember What Dreams May Come?).

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  1. Molly

    Wow… now that is a fabulous list. I love how the D/s nature of your relationship is evident and yet you show just how that is all about nurturing one another. Bravo!


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