#WickedWednesday: So I asked SilverHubby about ‘writhe’ …

And this is what he said …


So, shall I be boring and predictable with this week’s prompt, or should I go off on my usual tangent?

Things I think about when I consider that word:-

  • You writhing on the bed, biting your lower lip because you are right on the edge of an orgasm and I have told you that you aren’t allowed to cum yet.
  • Same as above, but it’s now 30 minutes later and your writhing is getting more frantic.
  • 30 minutes later and your writhing would throw you off the bed if you weren’t tied down because I have finally said “Cum now!” and you’re exploding verbally, physically and emotionally.
  • The way you sometimes writhe when I get close to you and growl in your ear about all the dirty, disgusting, slutty things I am going to do to you or have done to you.
  • I love the way you can make me writhe when my cock’s in your mouth.
    • or when you’re playing with my prostate
    • or when you stroke my cock (and other places) with your long hair
  • How you try and writhe away from me when I approach the soles of your feet with the pinwheel.
  • The way you writhe against me, sometimes rubbing your pussy against my thigh when we’re cuddling.
    • I especially like the blush and extra writhe when I point it out to you because you didn’t realise you were doing it.

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  1. Molly

    “The way you writhe against me, sometimes rubbing your pussy against my thigh when we’re cuddling.” I love this line… I do that to Sir and always grins that wicked grin when I do.


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