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From the Toybox Review: Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan Dildo (Part 1)

 Each Friday, we review a sextoy that’s either sponsored by a manufacturer or retailer, or an item we choose ourselves from Silverdrop’s Toybox.

Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan Dildo

Disclosure: This item was provided free of charge by Sweetfun.co.uk in exchange for a free and honest review, and we accepted it on that basis.

A pinkish-tan coloured realistic dildo with cock and balls made of silicone

 The Good:

  • 100% silicone
  • Plush and flexible texture similar to the real thing
  • Gorgeous and realistic in appearance and feel
  • Fits in the RodeoH harness (barely!)
  • Balls provide a nice grip when using it handheld

 The Bad:

  • Circumcised cock (though we can’t really hold that against Mr Corrigan!)
  • Very pronounced coronal ridge along the glans (the head of the cock) can be slightly uncomfortable
  • Size of balls and girth of shaft will make it difficult to fit in many pegging harnesses

 The Neutral:

  • Very large
  • Extremely realistic


The Brent Corrigan dildo is a beautiful representation of a beautiful man’s cock. It’s the largest dildo that we’ve tried yet, and nearly overwhelming in girth. If you aren’t sure you want something large, then by all means, choose one of the more moderately sized dildos on the market. But if you love to feel extremely filled up, you lust after Brent Corrigan, or both, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing Fleshjack dildo. It’s a winner, and definitely makes it onto our Best of the Best list.

5 out of 5 stars

Where to buy:


Though we have a growing collection of realistic dildos, this is our first dildo that’s modelled from a porn star. We’re not huge consumers of porn, and don’t recognize most porn stars by sight (either of their faces or their body parts), but the main reason we’ve avoided any porn dildos before is the size. Neither of us felt ready for a dildo that size, so we stayed with the more moderate dildos that are available.

Incendiaire’s Reviews has had nothing but good things to say about Fleshjack dildos, which first piqued our interest, and when we saw a video on the Fleshjack site of the Brent Corrigan dildo being made, we were sold. We were struck by how he was laughing during the process, and came across as a real person – and we both thought he had a gorgeous cock.

When the box arrived, courtesy of Sweetfun.co.uk, we were anxious to get it out of the box and get our hands on it. It’s hard to say what is most impressive at first – the look or the feel. It’s not a dual density silicone, but it is similar to that style of dildo in that it has a plushness and give to it, while still being hard enough to be insertable. The appearance is just breathtaking in its detail. Veins, hair follicles, the very prominent corpus spongiosum, the glans, the corona, the meatus – you could teach a sex anatomy lesson using this dildo as a model.

A pair of female hands holding a silicone dildo

There is a slight tackiness to the surface, so it attracts every bit of lint and pet hair in the room. Be sure and rinse it off in the sink before every use.

We will be using it for pegging in the next few days, but there is a potential problem caused by the size of the balls and the girth of the shaft. This dildo will simply not fit many harnesses. We have the beautiful Cherry Jaguar but, because it is a three-strap harness, we can’t use it. This dildo might fit in the four-strap type, but we don’t currently own one. It does fit in the RodeoH harness (one of our favourites), but the weight of it drags the whole thing down, as you can see from the pictures.

A woman shown from the waist down wearing a RodeoH panty harness and a Brent Corrigan dildo
Look at me! I’m hung like a horse!


Short version: Wow!

This was my first time with a porn star and I couldn’t have taken him without loads of lube and warming myself up with my hand, then a smaller dildo first. Once ready, Brent went in with some care, although the girth was almost overwhelming at first. Once I relaxed into it, SilverHubby began thrusting and, well, let’s just say that was “Quite nice.” He reports that he found it very comfortable and easy to hold while thrusting, which is a bonus since he has arthritis in his hands. It’s more challenging for my smaller hand to hold, so this can’t be unequivocally said to be a disability friendly dildo. It depends on the individual.

On other occasion, we had just had anal intercourse when I asked SilverHubby to try using the Brent Corrigan dildo on me while I was stretched out and relaxed. Again, the girth was extreme, but it definitely felt good.

The prominent coronal ridge is very noticeable during withdrawal, during both anal and vaginal sex, as it tends to tug a bit on its way out. It can be borderline uncomfortable if there isn’t enough lube, and has the effect of making the dildo feel even girthier than it is.

Two female hands gripping a pinkish-tan dildo
My two-handed grip still can’t contain it all.

The thick and heavy scrotum has its own set of pros and cons. Turning the dildo so that the balls face upwards allows them to be pressed against the clitoris during thrusting. It also allows the dildo to stand upright if you want to lower yourself onto it (something neither of us are physically able to do, so we can’t test this!) But it does interfere with harness play, as mentioned above.

A man's hand gripping a dildo
Still looking big, and SilverHubby does not have small hands.


It’s 100% silicone, which is a non-porous material and completely sterilisable. It is easy to keep clean and safe to share between partners – as we do.


We use warm soapy water followed by antibacterial toy cleaning solution. If you want to save money, you can make up a 10% bleach solution quite cheaply to use instead of toy cleaner. A 100% silicone toy with no motor can also be sterilised with boiling water or putting in the dishwasher on the ‘sex toys’ cycle (top rack, full heat, no detergent).


The packaging is not subtle. There are pictures of Brent Corrigan on front and back, in one of them he is naked and fully erect. It could be reused for storage, but there’s nothing special about it to make someone keep it.


We love it! We’ve yet to use it for pegging, but plan to soon and will publish part 2 of this review then. Using it vaginally and anally on me was, to say the very least, one of our more memorable sexual memories. SilverHubby teasing me by licking and sucking on it while I warmed myself up with a smaller dildo was a great visual. Neither of us have any hesitation in awarding this dildo 5 out of 5 stars.

A woman from the waist down wearing a strap-on dildo with a RodeoH harness
Is SilverHubby going to be intimidated by my huge cock?