Daily Archives: 15/03/2013

What is erotic?

What is erotic is the question posed by A Curious Muse in her competition.

Here is my answer:-

It’s the way his eyes follow me. It’s the way he listens. It’s how when we’re apart, he comes home with a cream cake or a bouquet of tulips or a silly card. It’s the whole of his attention that makes me feel like the feminine incarnate, his Venus de Milo, his Helen of Troy, his joy and his pleasure. He doesn’t have to physically enter me to be immersed in me, and the thrill of power from knowing that I am his and he is mine is the most erotic thing I’ve ever felt.

Then I asked SilverHubby the same question:-

Well, there is the way your body arches when I come up behind you whisper “I want you now.” in your ear. There is the smile you save just for me – the one that can light up a room, any room. There are the things you say when you are lost in the throes of passion. There is the way you look at me sometimes with a sense of almost child-like wonder in your eyes. There is the way you move around the room when you know I am watching you – definitely different to the way you move when you don’t know, because I’ve checked 🙂  Your disabilities mean that perhaps half our sexual activities are initiated by you these days, as your body is not as cooperative as it used to be. Often what you say or do to let me know you want me physically is actually explicit, yet it is erotic as all hell to me, because I am deeply attracted to women who are confident, sexually and otherwise. There is the way your body always makes me feel completely welcome when I am inside it – I sometimes remember that emotion more than the individual physical acts.  And last, but not least, there is the way you give yourself to me completely, not just sexually.