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#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About Confusion

And this is what he said …

Moi, confused?

Well, confusion first struck when we forgot to get this post ready for publishing just after midnight.

There have been many moments when I have been confused in my life in a related-to-the-subject-matter-of-our-blog way, rather than generally. I guess many of these instances of confusion have been as a result of my realising something about myself that was somewhat at variance with what are considered to be society’s norms.

  • I remember being very confused for a while at 15 when I realised I liked boys as well as girls and, yes, I do mean in a wanna get hot, sweaty and physical with kind of way. That took a couple of years to come to terms with and there was some backsliding when a previous female partner freaked out when I told her I was bi.
  • Then I hit my early twenties and I again became confused when I realised I was also seriously into BDSM as a top and a dom (although I didn’t know those labels at the time).
  • I remember being very confused for a while (this was some years ago) when I realised that, with the right person/people, I would be happy to bring others into our bedroom for fun.
  • I recall being confused as all hell the first time I fell in love with someone else when I was already in a long term relationship with someone I also loved. Hint: as one of Heinlein’s characters once said, “Love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.” and “The more you love, the more you can love.”
  • I am still confused by those (few) people who cannot understand why, as a dom, I am happy and willing to let Silverdrop (my wifesub) peg me.
  • Lastly, and to end on a lighter note, I am confused as to why we are not into anal.

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