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#TMITuesday: Moments

This was a good moment

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?You may simply list them or elaborate on why they were so memorable.

1. Silverdrop (SD): We were on the balcony during a thunderstorm. SH’s fingers danced over me as the rain blew in across our bodies. It sounds cliché to say it was “electric”, but it really was. There’s nothing quite like a thunderstorm with a lover.

1. SilverHubby (SH): The look of wonder followed rapidly by lust in Silverdrop’s eyes when she first handled my cock in the flesh. You see, it was her first experience with an uncut one.
SH: *reads SD’s answer* Now I have feelings of inadequacy over my words. Yours were beautiful. Mine were utilitarian.
SD: Ah, but your cock is beautiful enough that there is no beauty left over for the words.

2. (SD): I remember the first time you closed our collar on me, in a hotel near the airport. It hadn’t been engraved yet. There was a bouquet of yellow roses on the dresser. I was dripping wet and wild with lust. It was the best sexual experience of my life at that time, and it’s only gotten better since.

2. (SH): Before we met, Silverdrop had many BDSM fantasies, but almost zero actual experience. Intellectually, she knew that submitting to me would sometimes mean that I would sometimes take her purely for my own pleasure without regard for hers. However, I don’t think she knew what that really meant until our second day together, when in the middle of that night, I rolled over and took her with no foreplay and with no attempt at directly physically stimulating her other than that supplied by my cock being inside her. Her physical and verbal reaction to me doing that was memorable to say the least. Of course, being a slut (and I mean that in an entirely complimentary way!) she had several orgasms anyway.
SD: Sadly, peri-menopause and its associated vaginal dryness (not to mention fibromyalgia) means that ‘no foreplay’ is no longer an option. I miss those days.
SH: I miss them too. But, you’ve been telling people on our blog that I’m the romantic one in this relationship, yet look at what you’ve written. Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?
SD: Do you want me to reset to ‘bitch mode’? I can if you like.
SH: Yes, dear. Now just lay across my lap while we discuss it.

3. (SD): I came home for lunch. You called me back into the bedroom, and I found you standing there naked with an erection. I immediately turned around, flipped up my skirt, and grabbed hold of the footboard of the bed so you could take me from behind. It was quick and hot and sweet, and I had a smile on my face the rest of the day at work.
SH: Yes, dear. However. I was fully dressed and my cock was sticking out the front of my jeans. You were in a nicely tailored trouser suit. You dropped your trousers and panties. And we went from there.
SD: My memory wanted to see you naked and edited the files accordingly.

3. (SH): Our first outdoor gender play. Silverdrop was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a denim jacket. Her hair was tucked up under a bright red baseball cap. And she was a convincing looking young adult male. We went out shopping, flirting as men, not caring what people thought, while our lust built to unbearable levels. How ‘he’ drove us home without getting us killed, we do not know to this day. Once home, I took Silverdrop’s ass for the first time as a man. And it was fucking incredible.
SD: I would no longer ‘pass’ as male. I’m much curvier today. But unlike then, I have both packer cocks and strap-on cocks to help with the illusion behind closed doors. And it’s still fucking incredible.
SH: Yes, dear. And sometimes when we peg, you are my wife pegging me. But sometimes, you are my male lover fucking me, on those occasions when we can tempt your male energy out. The experiences are very different but both fucking incredible.

4. (SD): Holding the Eternal Swan in place in SilverHubby’s ass while he experienced his first prostate orgasm.
4. (SH): This one is not a memory of a specific sexual event. Our sex life is rarely less than good and is often spectacular. Apart from the way we feel about each other, I put this down in large part to the fact that we are both willing and able to be completely honest and open about what we want. And, even if there are occasional things that one of us doesn’t care for, we are at least able to talk about it. This means we are the most accepting lovers either of us has ever had.

5. (SD): The first time he tied me spread-eagled to the bed. This had been an illicit fantasy of mine for so long, that its fulfilment was breathtaking. He told me later that when he entered me, I was so wet that it was like a hot knife through butter.
5. (SH): This memory does not involve Silverdrop – gasp, shock, horror! It was the first time I had sex with another man (though we were both late teenagers). The discovery that sex with another man was just as good, although different, than with a woman, was mind-blowing and very liberating.

Bonus:  What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?
(SD): Attention.
(SH): It has nothing to do with good looks, or technique. It is all about… see my answer to question 4.

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