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#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About Peace

And this is what he said …

Hmm … I rarely answer these exactly as they’re offered, and this week is no exception. I’m going to change the prompt to “Inner Peace” and talk about what brings it to me.

  • Inner peace is what I feel when I look at your face when you’re asleep. It’s probably the one time you’re not in pain and it is very relaxed – at peace. I love looking at you then.
  • I feel a deep sense of everything being ok with the world when we are naked and just holding each other, especially when spooning. It doesn’t matter what life’s thrown in our direction, because during those times I experience a deep sense of everything’s going to be ok. It restore me to balance, and that is a wonderful thing.
  • Oddly, I don’t always get that feeling when we snuggle after sex. I am often panting and even a bit sweaty then and need to calm down again. *grins*
  • Inner peace is what I feel when I am out in the world without you and missing you. All I (usually) need to do is think of you, of Us, maybed twirl my wedding ring, and balance is again restored.
  • Inner peace, perhaps oddly, is what I feel after we’ve had an argument, resolved it, and are at one again. I had many years in my first marriage where it was impossible to talk about anything, good or bad and that was horrible. I find it hard to express how much I value being us being able to talk freely with each other, whether it’s the squishy stuff, or a disagreement. Am I making any sense here?

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