#TMITuesday – Not the Fashion Police!

1. What is the most revealing thing you have ever worn in public?

Silverdrop (SD): A bikini, I guess.
SilverHubby (SH): Although it has been twenty years, my uniform. It reveals me for who I am: a man with an old-fashioned sense of honour and duty.
SD: That’s not fair. You made my answer look boring!
SH: My boring answer would have been my skin, on a nudist beach in the south of France. Again, many years ago.
SD: Damn. I missed that?! That’s even less fair!
SH: Dear heart, I was eighteen at the time, which means you’d have been a small child. So it’s best that you missed it.

2. Have you ever unwittingly shown more than you intended in public due to a wardrobe malfunction?
Silverdrop (SD): Usually if the public sees me, it’s due to me forgetting curtains are open rather than wardrobe issues. Ask the garbage truck driver from a few weeks ago.
SilverHubby (SH): Well, there was this one time when I took a sub to a play party. She was wearing a denim dress with nothing on underneath, and the dress was held shut by two pieces of velcro. I led her up onto a spotlit stage, and she looked quite vanilla. Then I pulled on the dress in the one place that made the velcro release and the dress dropped to the floor. So I guess I have failed to answer the question because it was a wardrobe perfect function, and it wasn’t mine. But it is a good story (and it’s true!)

3. Are you more likely to arrive at an event over or under dressed?
Silverdrop (SD): Underdressed due to hot flashes.
SilverHubby (SH): Depends on the event. But on balance, I prefer to turn up in a tux rather than jeans and t-shirt.

4. Tell us about a time when you have arrived at a venue and immediately wished you could leave because you were dressed completely inappropriately?
Silverdrop (SD): Well, there was the time I mistook the date for a casual day at work. That was bloody embarrassing when I was the only one in jeans.
SilverHubby (SH): Moi? Dress inappropriately? I think not.

5. What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you love with a passion?
Silverdrop (SD): Red silk and a growing erection.
SilverHubby (SH): A cock.

6. What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you hate with a passion?
Silverdrop (SD): Ill-fitting clothes.
SilverHubby (SH): Make-up. I have never ever liked the feel of it when I get close with my mouth or hands. Fortunately, Silverdrop doesn’t wear make-up.

Bonus: You and your friend are going to a special event and you know that he/she has spent a lot of time and possibly money on their outfit and are very excited about what they have created. They refuse to show you their outfit until you are both ready to leave for the event and you find that they look awful. What do you do?
Silverdrop (SD): Tell them they look great. Why spoil their evening with a fashion squabble? After all, I have some photos of me from the 80s that prove my fashion sense is fallible.
SilverHubby (SH): To use an old-fashioned phrase, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. So the fact that I thought it was awful would show on my face. I’d have to tell them, though I’d be very gentle about it.

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