#ToyWithMeTuesday – Afterwards

A number of commenters wondered how SilverHubby reacted when I walked into our bedroom equipped thus on Saturday evening. Well, his eyes went wide and lit up with lust. However, he then (rightly) pointed out that, much as he doesn’t ever think about anal or pegging,  he does only have only the one orifice available for this arrangement. I grinned.
He took the hint and took the harness from me and, removing the Brent Corrigan dildo (the larger one) of the two), tried to put the harness on while I looked forward to some serious double penetration play. Then it all went wrong. SilverHubby’s cock is somewhat longer than average, and much thicker, and he found he couldn’t get his erection through the ‘O’ ring! We waited for his to err, subside, and he could get it on. It then became very uncomfortable when his erection tried to return.  🙁
I had to settle for anal+manually thrusting one of our other toys in my cunt.
I shall try to enlarge the O-ring on the harness and we will try again.
Set aside for now  🙁

Toy with me Tuesday
See who else is playing with their toys.

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  1. True Pleasures

    Hmm… Could you maybe cut the O-ring out and then sew in a ring of elastic or something? That might work.. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you..

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