So I asked SilverHubby About The ABC and 123 of Himself

And this is what he said:-

This post was inspired by Rebel (couldn’t find her entry, but I’m sure I read it at some point) and Molly’s.

A: Anal – love it.

B: Bisexual. Breast man. Bondage.

C: Cute (not in looks – but other ways, according to Silverdrop and a gaggle of other subs I have known – I deny everything). Caring. Cunnilinguist – or is that ‘cunning linguist’ – I get so confused).

D: Dimples (according to Silverdrop – again, I deny everything). Dom for as long as I can remember. Disabled – have been for several years.

E: Envy – as a young man, I used to envy what ‘things’ others had – life has changed me that way and made things a lot simpler and more chilled out.

F: Fools – I do not suffer them gladly (especially if I have been a fool).

G: Giving. G spot – love exploring Silverdrop’s hyper-sensitive one.

H: Honourable. Hairy. Humorous. Hands – I’m very good with them (SD loves my hands).

I: Introverts – still learning to understand them – Silverdrop is one.

J: Jealousy – something I felt greatly when much younger, but is almost completely dealt with now.

K: Kinky. Keeper (Silverdrop).

L: Loving. Laughter – lots of it in my life.

M: Melt – what I do inside when Silverdrop gives me that smile that’s only for me and lights up the room with it.

N: Non-judgemental.

O: Oral sex – love giving and receiving.

P: Pansexual i.e. I don’t care what biological and emotional ‘bits’ you come with – if we like each other enough to want to get physical, I’ll work with whatever you’ve got. Pain – my constant companion. Pegging – love it. Performer – I’m an extrovert. Penis – love ’em, especially mine.

Q: Queer – I like men as much as women sexually.

R: Romantic – incurably so.

S: Sadist, stick – I walk with one, sharing – I do.

T: Thoughtful.

U: Understanding.

V: Vain – so not me.

W: Wanking – love it.

X: X-rated – many of my thoughts.

Y: Yeharrgh! One of my reactions (sometimes internally, sometimes not) when I see SD naked/part naked/think about her naked … you get the picture.

Z: Zero tolerance for injustice.

0. The number of times I’ve used illegal drugs.

1. Soulmate – Silverdrop. Doesn’t mean we don’t want playmates. Also the number of males lovers I’ve had – but I’m open to offers.

2. Marriages. The number of times I’ve been to San Francisco’s wonderful Folsom Street Fair. The number of subs I have lead around the streets of NYC in a collar and leash.

3. People who I have truly loved.

4. Number of times I’ve been close to death – my own death.

5. The number of countries I’ve worked in. The first digit of my age.

6. One of the numbers  on our car registration.

7. The most orgasms I ever had during one play session (I was much younger).

8. How old I was when I discovered touching my cock felt good.

9. Years of military service.

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