#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About Orgasms

And this is what he said …

Orgasms, eh? We’re lucky in that we can orgasm simultaneously 99% of the time, which always adds to the experience [understatement alert].

I shall do my usual flying off at a tangent (the only way to get off the Oxford ring road incidentally) with this and describes our various types of orgasms as I experience or witness them:


  • The “Fuck me!” orgasm. Sometimes, well quite often actually, Silverdrop will repeat this phrase over and over when she’s getting close-ish to orgasm. It usually results in me fucking her really hard – which she likes rather a lot.
  • The Dirty Talking orgasm. This one happens often, frequently combined with one of the others. It usually starts with me weaving a verbal fantasy about what a slut SD is (meant in a 100% positive way) and how many people are watching/waiting/joining in her performance. At some point, she will join in this word-weaving, to our mutual pleasure.
  • The Agreeable orgasm. These aren’t as common as they used to be – perhaps because SD is less agreeable and more of a bitch these days LOL. You know the one I mean – where your partner says “Yes!” repetitively as they’re coming.
  • The Anal orgasm. This is a hard one to describe. Silverdrop is typically quieter but more intense when having orgasms through anal sex – which we aren’t at all interested in, as our faithful reader knows.
  • The G Spot orgasm. These orgasms often result in me having to hold SD down to the bed – they get physical with writhing and other fun stuff. If my cock is inside her at the time, it makes for an interesting ride.
  • The End of the World orgasm. These are the ones where we worry about the neighbours calling the cops. SD is naturally a screamer during her biggest orgasms. We often have to use my hand or the pillow to muffle her. They always trigger a massive (and noisy) orgasm from me, too.


  • The Dirty Talking orgasm. Same as Silverdrop’s above.
  • The “I’m coming!” orgasm. I do not think about the noises I’m making or the things I’m saying during sex typically – it’s natural, not an act. I have noticed, although it was SD who pointed it out to me first, that I often say “I’m coming!” just before I do. SD laughingly points out that, except for anal, she can always tell when I’m about to explode, whatever we’re doing.
  • The growling/Taz orgasm. SD likens me to Taz, the cartoon character, for our own silly reasons. Anyway, I often growl during sex, particularly when it’s rough, hard and fast. I lose all words and go to what I think of as the animal place, often using SD purely for my own pleasure. Of course, being a submissive masochist, SD rather likes this about me.
  • The Oh That Was a Surprise orgasm. These usually happen when we’re doing something new. The first time SD pegged me, my first prostate orgasm are two examples. SD tells me my noises then sound almost surprised in nature. Which is probably true, as my brain very actively processes new information as it tries to decide what to do with it, and whether it likes it or not.
  • Which is different to the “That jumped out from behind a rock!” orgasm. I am 52 now, and while my libido has only reduced slightly with age, my ability to have many orgasms per session is almost gone  🙁  Sometimes, even though I am feeling intense pleasure from whatever we are doing, it feels like there will be no orgasms forthcoming (which is ok, our sex has never been orgasm-centric anyway). However, at these times, an orgasm sometimes explodes out of me with little or no warning. Typically, one of us will then say “That jumped out from behind a rock!”

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6 thoughts on “#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About Orgasms

  1. Molly

    I love reading your different view points! This made me laugh out loud “These are the ones where we worry about the neighbours calling the cops.” I so get this, I have often wondered if the neighbours can hear me begging, crying, calling out No etc… I can’t image what they must think.


  2. Catherine Martinique

    I wasn’t sure what “wicked wednesday” was…I know now! I love the way you do this post. This is really cool! I think the “fuck me” orgasm might be a common one. Maybe I just like saying it too much. 😉

  3. Marie Rebelle

    I recognize some of the orgasms that SilverDrop has, but this post made me wonder if I should ask my Hubby to describe the different orgasms He has 🙂

    Loved reading about your different orgasms.

    Rebel xox

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