OMG! Guess what, girls?

Someone is publishing a brand new website, specially designed for women! Exciting stuff, right?

Bryan Goldberg seems to have walked back his original claim that his site was a first, but he still seems to think he’s doing something revolutionary. His innovation is that his site is completely run by women, for women – except for the male CEO of course. You wouldn’t want women thinking they can run things, would you? “My job, as CEO, is to hire the right people. My job is to know a lot of engineers, editors, venture capitalists, and salespeople — and to bring them together. Knowing the difference between mascara, concealer, and eye-liner is not my job.”

The very sexist Dodge La Femme

Pink? Check. Makeup? Check. That’s all women want, right?

As you can see, he has the makeup angle covered. You know, Product + Makeup = Women’s Product. See also, the 1955 Dodge LaFemme, the car that came with its own handbag and makeup accessories.

Listen, Mr Goldberg. I know women can seem so terribly foreign with all that mascara and such, but we’re just people. Really. Truly. You say you’ll know you’re putting up content interesting to women because women are writing it. This may come as a shock to you, but I am a woman, and I read things men have written! The gender of the writer has next to no bearing on whether their writing will interest me.

There’s nothing wrong with tailored marketing, but “50% of humanity” is not exactly tailored. If you want to market to me, market to adults with mobility issues. Childless couples. Dog owners. Sex toy enthusiasts. Any of those more limited categories will be more relevant to me than ‘woman’. You don’t treat men as if they were all one monolithic block of sameness. Why would you treat women that way?

By the way, if any of my female readers are in the market for a new car, Honda’s got you covered.


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