Review: Sailor Softskin Packer Cock.

Disclosure: LoveHoney sent us a free Pleasure Works Sailor Softskin (small) packer cock in exchange for an honest review.

Sailor Softskin Packer Cock

Sailor Softskin Packer Cock


  • Realistic shape.
  • Detailed sculpting.
  • Nice to the touch.


  • Sickly sweet odour.
  • Too large for realistic packing.
  • Circumcised.


Looks and feels great, but the smell makes it unusable for us.

1 out of 5 stars

Where to buy: Lovehoney UK

Recommended instead of this product: Fleshlight Limpy size small

A packer cock is worn by a female to male transsexual to simulate the trouser bulge of male genitals. It can also be fun for women like me, who like to play with gender for fun, even if it’s just in the bedroom.

This is my third packer cock, and like the previous two, it creates a bulge that feels a bit too large to be lifelike. According to Wikipedia, the average flaccid penis length is 4″ with a circumference of 3.9″. This product is slightly larger than that average, yet it markets itself as “small”. Furthermore, since FtM transsexuals are often shorter and slighter in build than their cis-gender counterparts, a packer can easily look disproportionately large and thus lose verisimilitude.

The appearance of this product is beautiful, with realistic sculpted testicles and a veined penis. The model is unfortunately of a circumcised penis. The flesh pink colour is a bit too pink to match most skin tones. I think a touch more towards the purple or brown in the colour spectrum would have looked better.

When wearing this as a packer, the feel when my partner squeezes my “bulge” is very pleasing to him. He says it feels realistic enough that it almost feels as it should start hardening to his touch.

Unfortunately, this toy’s major flaw is not one that we can overlook: its odour. It has a sickly sweet smell that hasn’t diminished at all with a week’s airing and several washings. I think it smells like the bubble-gum flavouring used to mask the taste of children’s medicine. My husband says it smells like the candy cigarettes that they used to sell when he was a child. It’s actively repulsive, and worse – the smell spreads to the skin when the toy is handled.

Neither the product page nor the box tells what the material is made of, other than to say “realistic feel” and “phthalate free”. Care instructions are to wash with soap and water. As stated above, washing does not remove the toy’s smell.

For me, a toy with a strong smell is an absolute turn-off – making this product unusable for us. However, some people are less bothered by odours than others. If you can get past the smell, there is a lot to like about this toy. I really admire the sculpting of the testicles in particular. If you’re at all bothered by smelly toys, please look at the Fleshlight packer instead. It is not as detailed in its design, but the feel is still nice, and it doesn’t have a strong scent.


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