#SinfulSunday – I need a Spanking

Some years ago (I even had short hair), I used to dress up and play being a ‘naughty girl’ for SilverHubby (who was then SilverBoyfriend, of course). This often resulted in me needing a spanking.

So here I am, about to get one.

Ready and waiting.

I have a great ass!

Neither of us can remember what the bruise is a left-over from – probably some thud play, as I could take that back then.

(If you like the stockings, you can find them at Lovehoney)

Click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

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Silverdrop and SilverHubby are a middle aged married opposite-sex couple living in the UK. Silverdrop is gender-queer and SilverHubby is pansexual. We use this blog to talk about our sex lives (especially our fanaticism about anal and pegging), share erotic photos, and offer sex toy reviews. Our [sex isn't always great], mostly because of our health problems, but we always write honestly about it. Our kinks include BDSM, gender-play, pegging, roleplay, fantasy, and lots and lots of anal.

15 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – I need a Spanking

  1. SassyCat

    mmm who doesn’t enjoy a “naughty girl?” Along with the look? mmm your bare ass makes me so wanna reach for a paddle. 😉

  2. John D

    At the moment I get away with so much with wifey; she needs to be less tolerant.

    But I don’t dress up! 🙂

  3. PropertyOfPotter

    I love looking back at photos, thought neither of us had the confidence to take photos like this while we were dating. Great image, and what fun to look back on!

  4. Stella

    Let me first say that I am thankful you have moved and I can now get to your posts and make comments. It was becoming a pain in my, um, arse!
    Secondly, jealous of you for the fine arse you do indeed have and for being the lucky receiver of SilverHubby’s spankings. I am in need of one terribly!


  5. GrittyWoman

    Oh my goodness! That outfit is so sexy. I love love love your stockings and skirt. I can see why Silverboyfriend became Silverhubby. Firstly, that is the most perfect, gorgeous bottom I have ever seen so I cannot blame him. Secondly, he loves to spank it! Match made in heaven! 😀 This picture confuses me. I don’t know whether to be more jealous of you, waiting there, or him, getting to spank that bottom! Sexy sexy sexy image. I love it.

  6. Molly

    You know what I LOVE about this entry? The bit where you proclaim how fab your arse is… and it most certainly is but I love it when people see their own beauty and shout about it. Brilliant


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