#TMITuesday – Just Asking: Penis or Vagina?

1. What’s your dirtiest secret?
Silverdrop (SD): I can’t believe I’m thinking about revealing this *blushes*, I mean this is something really big – I’ve never told anybody. Promise you won’t spread it around? OK, come close. *whispers in your ear*  “I like anal.
SilverHubby (SH): Dirtiest? That implies I have something that I’m ashamed of, and that isn’t true. I don’t think there’s anything about my sexuality that I haven’t mentioned on this Blog at some time or another. I like anal – giving and receiving (being pegged, for example). I used to consider myself bisexual, but now prefer the word pansexual i.e. I don’t care if you’re male, female, or any of the many shades in between. If I like you enough to want to get physical with you, I’ll work with whatever physical and mental bits and pieces you come with. Clear?  🙂
SH: And, Dearheart, I suspect the 37 entries under the anal category in our blog might have given our readers a clue.  🙂  But you knew that.

2. What’s the sweetest thing you have done for someone?
SD (answering for SH):  He does so many sweet things for me, that I could fill a few volumes with answers to this question. So I’ll go with the sweetest thing he did for me this past weekend. He took me out on a date to a place that he knew I would love, even though it was something he’s completely indifferent about, and even though he had to push me in a wheelchair along a gravel path since it was farther than I could walk unassisted.
SH (answering for SD): Sweetest? Let’s be clear here. SD will readily admit that I am by far and away the most romantic one in our relationship. That being said, she often does sweet things. In fact, sometimes I’m not even sure she knows she’s doing it. For example, for various reasons she can’t get out of the house much, and she loves flowers. So I often bring her flowers home to set on the dresser. Which might make you think I’m suddenly talking about me doing something sweet. But that’s not what I mean. The smile she gives me, when I bring her flowers, lights up the room. I consider that very sweet. And that’s just one example.

3. What’s your favorite foreplay act to give? Receive?
SD: Does putting a syringe full of lubricant in my ass count as foreplay? I like doing that one. And fellatio. And groping. As for receiving, I really like fingers being used on me, far better than tongues. (My indifference to cunnilingus is one of the sadnesses of SH’s life.) A much better use for tongues is dirty talk. Yes, I think that’s it. Dirty talk and roleplay might be my favourite foreplay to both give and receive.
SH: Giving used to be cunnilingus, which I love to do, and have been told by more than one lover that I’m very good at. Unfortunately, the universe strives for balance in all things, and the payment it exacts for SD having the most sensitive G-spot in the known universe is that she has a steel clit. This means cunnilingus is never more than “quite nice” for her. Whereas with some previous lovers, I had to peel them off the ceiling. I haven’t answered the question yet, have I? So I guess my favourite foreplay to give is putting one or more lubed fingers in SD’s cunt and doing the “come hither” motion on her G-spot. Which can result in me having to peel her off the ceiling. Receiving is a little less clear-cut. Because my favourite foreplay to receive is the way SD presses her body against me and gives herself to me totally. So the physical sensations from the actual acts she might do after that are really the icing on the cake.

4. State five (5) facts about your body.
SD: It’s fat. It’s old. It has stretch marks. It has fibromyalgia. And it is absolutely smoking fucking hot.
SH: 1. My cock is uncut, and we both like it that way. 2. I’m heavily scarred from surgery (What? You didn’t expect this to be all about sex, did you?) 3. The hair on my head does not have to get very long before it gets very curly. So I usually keep it very short. 4. I’m a big, hairy bear type. We both like it that way too. 5. To get back to the sex, not showing off, but my cock is both longer and thicker than average.
SD: You’re totally showing off.
SH: Am so not! Much.

5. Would you like to fondle the person next to you?
SD: What, again? Sure!
SH: Well, seeing as SD is next to me on the bed right now, that would be a “No shit!” moment. In fact, when we’ve finished this, I think I probably shall. Or maybe even before we finish it.

Bonus: Penis or vagina? Why?
SD: Cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock because I’m a cock hungry slut.
SH: Either. I like both. A lot.

Note to those who wonder: SD does her answers first, without SH looking. Then SH dictates his answers for her to type. This way, we both answer without being influenced by what the other has already said. This sometimes has amusing results.

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