When the Sex Isn’t Great and Then It Is.

On Monday, we blogged about how when a sex-positive attitude and much love are sometimes not always enough to keep the sex great.

Then, on Monday afternoon, we had some of our best anal sex ever. Then, on Tuesday evening, we had an amazing session where SilverHubby masturbated and I came several times just from hugging and watching him.  🙂

Now that was pretty damned good, but the underlying problem still remains (see Monday’s post). The good news is that just going to the Doctor’s and starting the process of trying to get this fixed has made a positive difference to how we feel about it. The obvious result of that is that we can both feel our libidos stirring again – hence the sex. SilverHubby read aloud the dark and wonderful post from Penny’s Blog (warning: contains gang bang scenario which may be upsetting for some) last night. This came very close to making us have even more sex, but I had a migraine lurking and SilverHubby invoked the PTP (Protect the Property) rule.

I’m using the Replens every three days as instructed, but it’s too early to tell whether it’s helping or not – we’ll get back to you on that. SilverHubby has the onerous task of checking my vagina every three days just before I put the next dose in. He doesn’t seem to mind.  😉

So what’s the moral here? Communication (as it is in so many areas of life and relationships) and not letting a problem fester and get out of control.

We’ll keep you posted.


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Silverdrop and SilverHubby are a middle aged married opposite-sex couple living in the UK. Silverdrop is gender-queer and SilverHubby is pansexual. We use this blog to talk about our sex lives (especially our fanaticism about anal and pegging), share erotic photos, and offer sex toy reviews. Our [sex isn't always great], mostly because of our health problems, but we always write honestly about it. Our kinks include BDSM, gender-play, pegging, roleplay, fantasy, and lots and lots of anal.

2 thoughts on “When the Sex Isn’t Great and Then It Is.

  1. Marie Rebelle

    It’s great seeing such a happy and positive post. Glad you had great sex and hey, sounds like SilverHubby has quite a nice job checking your pussy frequently 😉

    And I totally agree with you… communication is so important!

    Rebel xox

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