Yes, My Hair is Long Enough to Cover my Nipples

The lovely Rebel, over at Rebel’s Notes, Tweeted a couple of days ago that her hair is the longest it’s ever been and that she eventually wanted it to be long enough to cover her nipples. Does she mean like this? (Taken yesterday afternoon before my bath)    🙂

Well, Rebel did ask!

Well, Rebel did ask!

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4 thoughts on “Yes, My Hair is Long Enough to Cover my Nipples

  1. Marie Rebelle

    Oooooh now you’re making me so jealous! I will grow-grow-grow my hair until I can do that too!

    It looks great, luv, really lovely!

    Rebel xox

    1. silverdrop Post author

      Why thankyou. 🙂 It’s great for running up and down SH’s body – he especially likes it over his cock. I’ll probably let it stop when it reaches the small of my back. Trouble is, you have to watch out for split ends as it gets long.

      1. Marie Rebelle

        I know about split ends. That’s what seems to make my hair grow less quickly, having to trim the ends every couple of months. But my hairdresser knows she has to cut only the ends, a tiny bit of it!

  2. Heaven

    That’s awesome. You got nipple coverage and half your boobs. Your hair is long as heck.

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