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#WickedWednesday – Nudity

So, as usual on #WickedWednesday, I asked SilverHubby for his thoughts. This what he said:

Hmm. I differentiate between being nude and being naked – I think that’s important to say. For me, being naked is a state of being (or potentially being) vulnerable in a NotGood way. At the Doctor’s office, awaiting an examination, for example. Nudity, on the other hand, is something comforting and sometimes erotic. The way I always sleep, or walking around our house, unclothed on all but the coldest days.

I am not eye candy – I have known this for years. Even though this body is scarred and somewhat broken, I am comfortable in my skin. Silverdrop, bless her, thinks I am eye candy. I accept that I am her eye candy. I need to know people quite well before I will get naked in front of them. This is probably why casual sex, or swinging doesn’t work for me. If I am naked in front of people I am comfortable with, then I don’t care that I am not eye candy. This is me. I am a good man. Accept me as I am, because I will be completely accepting of you in return.

I may be atypical as a man. Why? Because I don’t worry about the size of my cock. Although I have a long-ish and very thick cock when erect, I am actually quite small when flaccid. As Silverdrop puts it: “You’re a grower, not a shower.” But if I am comfortable enough to be naked in front of you, I genuinely don’t care about that sort of thing. Silverdrop loves to watch what we think of as the changing moods of my cock. It often gets fully, or partially erect for no apparent reason during the day.

Hmm, I may be rambling again.

Anybody wanna get naked with me?  😉

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