No More Hiding the Truth About Our Bodies

So SilverHubby used to weigh a lot more than he does now. He’s still overweight, but losing slowly. Yay him! However, he still has a large belly and it is heavily scarred from life-saving surgery 15 years ago. Basically, he’s embarrassed by it, and has been hiding it, although not from me. We have either kept it out of shot in photographs, or edited it out. I some time ago stopped worrying about showing my belly in pics on here and he has been thinking about this too.

So enough is enough. Last night, while snuggling before sex, I took this photograph, belly and all. No more hiding. SH is nervous, but ok with posting this – so be gentle with him, please.

Oh, and as an added bonus, those of you (and there were many) that agreed that we need more cock in Sinful Sunday and for SH not to be shy about showing more, get their wishes come true. Because here he is, in all his magnificence.  🙂

Note: Some might consider this picture pornographic, because it shows an erect cock. We think it’s erotic, partly because I am cuddling him. What do you guys and girls think?

I love his body and he loves mine.

I love his body and he loves mine.

PS. Doesn’t he have a beautiful cock?


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Silverdrop and SilverHubby are a middle aged married opposite-sex couple living in the UK. Silverdrop is gender-queer and SilverHubby is pansexual. We use this blog to talk about our sex lives (especially our fanaticism about anal and pegging), share erotic photos, and offer sex toy reviews. Our [sex isn't always great], mostly because of our health problems, but we always write honestly about it. Our kinks include BDSM, gender-play, pegging, roleplay, fantasy, and lots and lots of anal.

16 thoughts on “No More Hiding the Truth About Our Bodies

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  2. PropertyOfPotter

    Far beyond the actual nudity of this image, it’s beautiful because it’s real. I know how hard it is to feel confident about the many flaws I have, and I applaud SilverHubby for getting to this point of self acceptance! I see nothing but a beautiful, erotic image and I’m so glad he had the confidence to allow it to be posted.

  3. Imagodiva

    I LOVE bodies. That is a beautiful, erotic picture and he’s sexy and snuggly (and I’ll bet what happened next was hot!), and his cock is lovely and looks delicious. Bravo, brave Mr Silverdrop! Show us more!

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  5. kinkymom

    A man with extra weight is sexy…hubby has a belly also and I love it. Men with belly’s are sexy!! He should be proud of himself losing weight is very hard to do congrats to him!! He is SEXY!! tell him not to worry about the little things

  6. kinkymom

    his cock is very lovely… thanks for sharing it… I am trying to get hubby to not be so shy about showing his belly and below 😉

  7. Mr. Will

    Hey, I’ve got a belly myself and all I’ve gotten is positive response to anything I’ve posted! Be proud of who you are!

  8. Marie Rebelle

    Just beautiful that SH is brave enough to show himself like this. I have a huge scar on my belly too, and know all about feeling embarrassed about it. But, it’s part of the things that happened to make us who we are today, right?

    Rebel xox

  9. Beck

    SH is HOT! No need to worry about silly things like scars and extra pounds. Most of us have them. SH should be mighty proud of that cock too! My goodness! 😛

  10. Heaven

    Wepa, I think it is lovely belly and all. I am glad he was able to show us his happy erect penis. Thanks for being brave. You guys are wonderful.

  11. Stella

    Yay Silver hubby, I’d love that body too! As far as scars go I’ve got several on my body. The one’s that bother me most are a large one down the middle of my chest from open heart surgery (you can just see a touch of it in this week’s SS pic) and more recently two on my right breast from having a tumar removed (very first SS pic showed those). Don’t let them bother you, or your belly, I spent too long worrying about mine and nobody has ever made any kind of deal about it except me!

  12. SubReiSkyeM

    Lovely picture and I’m glad you both decided to share your bodies more with us! I hope I can be more honest like that too someday 🙂

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