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Wikipedia has this to say:

In general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective, i.e. based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. What distinguishes fact from opinion is that facts are verifiable, i.e. can be objectively proven to have occurred.

So I asked SilverHubby to give his opinion on opinion. And this is what he said…

Opinions, eh? Everybody has them and some people are louder and more forceful than others about voicing them. It is important to remember that opinions are often based on emotions and not facts.

I, too, have opinions, although they have changed often over the years. I shall be 53 years old in a few weeks time. As a young man, many of my opinions were very strongly held and, truth be told, somewhat inflexible. As a middle-aged man, I find that I usually listen to other people and their opinions before voicing mine. This is so I can think about what they have said and compare it against what I feel on a subject. I don’t always change my opinion, but the other person, although they may not know it, can be sure that I listened to them and thought about what they had to say.

Some examples…

As a young man, it was my opinion/belief that marriage was for life. This was before my first marriage. I am now in my second marriage and deliriously (yes, it’s almost embarrassing) happy with Silverdrop. People change over the years. Often, you can change together, or at least happily accommodate each others changes. But sometimes you grow apart. It isn’t even anybody’s fault often. Then, in my older and wiser *snort* opinion, it is best to part ways.

Although it is hard to believe now when you look at me (I am disabled), I used to be an athlete. While in the Air Force I played badminton, sailed and enjoyed cross-country running. It was then my opinion that losing the body that enabled me to do all this fun stuff would be the end of the world. Now, with a body in variable but constant pain, I now know that not to be true. My current opinion is that your life is as good as you choose to make it. It has nothing to do with possessions, salary, career etc.

I used to think, and this was definitely opinion, that what other people thought of me was more important than pretty much anything else in my life. I got this from my parent, for whom it is still true so far as I know. Now, while I do care to some extent what others think of me, I also care what I think of me. Can I look myself in the eye in the mirror? Have I been completely honest with myself? Hmm, am I making any sense here?

Anyway, those are some of my opinions. What are yours?

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7 thoughts on “#WickedWednesday – Opinion

  1. Lord Raven

    life is always in flux, opinions evolve and change. Things that were rock hard become more pliable as time time passes. I totally get this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Twisted Angel

    When I was younger and in a sexual abuse situation for most of my childhood I swore I would never let anyone have that much power over me again. I swore I would not allow my body to react without my permission and being dominated by anyone was not even on the horizon. I became the veritable college slut. Sex where, when and as often as I wanted. In the midst of it there was one who pushed past my rules. Who pinned my hands above my head and fingered me until I orgasmed so hard I was sore for days. I avoided him like the plague. Angry at myself for getting in that position again and being forced. In the back of my mind I craved it again though. I married a man who was a far cry from someone who was a dominant in any area. I divorced and remarried another man, who I am still married to. I am in my 40’s and we are in an open relationship. Not because I do not love him. I do and would kill someone for him, but there are lines that he refuses to cross that I have found I need. While he is opening up more the lines are still there. If one had told me that I would be in such a marriage I would have laughed. If someone had told me I would need that control, I would have laughed harder. Yet here I sit..

    1. silverdrop Post author

      It is good that you found a way to accept and own your sexuality, despite what has happened to you in the past. We both wish you well, and hope that your demons have been put to rest.

  3. Molly

    When I think back to the things I thought when i was oh so much younger it makes me laugh really. I was so sheltered from things that really in hindsight I knew nothing but I thought I knew everything


  4. KaziG

    I have had those same opinions and have also seen them change with time and experience. I consider the original opinion to be society’s “ideal” and the latter to be the “real” 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Marie Rebelle

    My opinions of many thanks have changed over the years. I believe we all grow as we get older, we take our life’s experiences and those change us constantly, whether for better or for worse. And because we change, opinions change too.

    Rebel xox

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