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#WickedWednesday – The Bite That Makes Me Orgasm

So, as usual on Wicked Wednesday, I asked SilverHubby to handle this one, and this is what he said about bite:



There are some things we can’t do any more because of our failing health. One of them is where I grab your feet and put them up on my shoulders and fuck you hard and deep – a position we both loved and wish we could still do.

But one time, almost by accident, we discovered a new twist to it. Your G spot is so sensitive, you tell me you experience tiny orgasms pretty much from the time my cock gets inside you (and the contractions of your vaginal muscles certainly back this up), with a much larger orgasm when I empty my balls inside you (I just distracted myself with that memory). Anyway, back to the point … one time, just before I exploded, I bit your ankle, hard. You screamed (in a good way) and exploded into one of the largest orgasms ever as I recall.

We wondered at the time whether that was a one-off, so of course we had to repeat the experiment. It wasn’t a one-off.  🙂

When at last I go into the long dark, with a possible diversion via the Rainbow Bridge, I will have many wonderful memories to keep me company. This is one of the strongest sexual ones, and I treasure it, and you.

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