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#WickedWednesday – Secret Pleasures and a Lifeline to the Outside World.

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 As usual on WIckedWednesday, I asked SilverHubby for his thoughts, and this is what he said:

This blog is one of our secret pleasures.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But it isn’t just for the obvious reason. Many of us who write sex blogs feel that this is the one place where we can be open about our sex lives, and that is certainly true for us too. We cannot be open about our kink with the people we interact with in the 3D world, because we value our privacy and, anyway, it would not do to involve others non-consensually in our sex life. Whether that’s what we do simply by having this blog is a debate for another day. So it’s great that we can be open here and we often write about the bad stuff, as well as the good. It’s fair to say that we’re as honest and open as we feel comfortable with here.

I suspect many sex bloggers could have written something similar to the above paragraph. Now for the personal bit.

We have often mentioned that we are both disabled and try and factor this in to our toy tests and reviews. But we haven’t yet told our dear and loyal reader (yes, there is only one *grins*) the true extent of this, and how it affects our ability to interact with the kinky community in 3D.

I walk, slowly and painfully, with a stick. I have chronic osteo-arthritis in pretty much every joint in my body. You wouldn’t think it to look at me now, but I used to be an athlete in the Air Force – cross-country running, sailing, hill walking, badminton etc. Now, I can make it out to the car, followed by a rest.

My beloved Silverdrop has fibromyalgia and is bed-bound. She can, slowly and carefully, often with my assistance, get around our modest home. Farther than that and she is in a wheelchair. Her condition is worsened by sitting upright, and she tires very easily.

So between our two conditions, even though we have a shiny new car, we don’t actually get out of the house much aside from medical appointments (of which there are many). It also makes travelling a huge issue, which needs careful planning. Silverdrop has been unable to work for some years. I work from home to the degree that I can in between caring for my love.

I have not written this for sympathy, but to raise another issue. We would love to meet many of you, attend kinky events, find a wheelchair accessible dungeon within reach etc. Heck, we are monogamish, genderqueer, pansexual (to name a few) and are keen to explore opportunities for friendship/play/more with others but worry our disabilities, need to cancel at short notice sometimes, and difficulty travelling will be insurmountable obstacles.

I guess this post hasn’t been very wicked, has it? But it was written from the heart. This has not been a pity fest. We love our lives, and each other. It’s just hard not to wish that some things were a little different. This blog is our lifeline to the outside world and other kinksters, and we value it, and the input from our readers, immensely.

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