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SinfulSunday- More Cock in Sinful Sunday: Options

Readers may be aware of several things if they read this blog regularly:

  1. We’ve been campaigning for MoreCockInSinfulSunday – and with some success.
  2. SilverHubby (SH) recently came out about how he feels his body is not attractive because of surgeries and stuff but that he’s not going to hide it any more.
  3. We have a crappy camera for now.
  4. SH is not circumsised, and we both love the options this gives us …

… because it means we can play like this:

Old pic, with much pubic hair.

Old pic, with much pubic hair.

Or like this:

Taken a few minutes after the first one.

Taken a few minutes after the first one.

We will often play both ways in the same session. I can feel the difference when he’s inside me. For him, he gets very intense sensation with his foreskin retracted – sometimes too much. With it forward, he gets the bonus of it being moved backwards and forwards when he thrusts which, he tells me, feels great.  🙂

We like options, do you?

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