WickedWednesday – Wet

This week’s WickedWednesday prompt is “Wet.”

As usual, I asked SilverHubby for his thoughts. This is what he said:

When I see that word, what usually goes through my mind is “Like a hot knife through butter,”

You were hoping for a much more graphic picture. Go on, admit it.  ;)

You were hoping for a much more graphic picture. Go on, admit it. 😉

Did you just blush, my slavegirl? You often do when I remind you of what I am about to tell our readers about.

Twelve-ish years ago, when we were in a trans-Atlantic LDR, you started, after some prompting (well ordering at several points), to tell me about your fantasies. You told me about the earliest ones. The ones you had before you even knew what sex was. The ones where you were tied up and taken prisoner. You remember, don’t you? The ones that still make you HotAsAllHell and wet too.

Even back then, before we knew you were already ill, you had occasional problems with vaginal dryness, and we got through a lot of lube. The first time I tied you, spreadeagled, to our bed was very, very different though, wasn’t it? I didn’t realise it at first, because I was concentrating on getting you completely restrained. When I’d finished I noticed a wet patch on the bed between your legs. At first, I thought one of us had spilled something, but couldn’t think what, as the iced water we always kept on standby was safely on the night stand.

Then I looked at your cunt (a word, dear reader, that we are both determined to recapture and use in a sex-positive way). You were quite literally dripping. I couldn’t resist. Before using the various floggers, canes and other instruments of torture I had waiting for you, I had to fuck you. So I did. My cock, achingly erect from the state of you, slid into you like a hot knife through butter.

That was one of our most memorable sessions, wasn’t it?

This picture was taken on that occasion. Remember? Sadly, the VGA camera we had back then was unable to capture detail of the wet patch.

Is this more what our loyal reader had in mind?

Is this more what our loyal reader had in mind?

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  1. Mr. Will

    I so enjoy reminiscing on days gone by, especially ones with large wet spots in the middle of the bed! Wonderful job, and great picture!

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